Please design team, stick to antiquity style

I fell in love with this game, because it is among the very few games out there that have an antiquity style. Meaning that the architecture of buildings and the looks of weapons and armors is oriented towards the bronce age and early iron age. That includes Ancient Egypt, Greek/Mycenaen, Persian and Roman culture.
Sure, I can live with inaccuracies here in there concerning late medieval and even modern times like the Zingaran style from the recent battle pass…

But hey, focus again on antiquity. Expand the Argossean and Aquilonian building sets! I’d love to build a temple with an appropriate roof angel. That piece is already in the game anyway (3x1).

I mean you have so many more assets waiting to be implemented from Age of Conan. Why not use that?


The New BP Zingaran “Musketeer” Armors really is a mood spoiler.
Maybe we will see more primitive things in the next Age of Savages/Gods/Beasts


Personally, I prefer medieval armor, but captain’s armor is not bad for an archer.
Plus finally a nice looking pair of leather boots and gloves, not another set of sandals.

But yeah, overall the style is a bit “late” but I’ll leave it to the experts whether it fits the lore or not.

ps - the tents and camping gear are really nice … pity about the unnecessarily high walls - half the height would have been enough for a military camp


I believe that the “Conquistador” from latest battle pass was too much.
The armour and weapons look very cool, I love the rapier, but it’s like 2000 years apart from Stygian sets? :smiley:

Time to return to the roots, we need more tight leather briefs, iron bras, horned helmets, spiky additions. More sexy fantasy stuff for women, women always liked to look good and sexy.


To be entirely fair, the Hyborian Age includes elements that book end with the Neolithic and the Golden Age of Piracy. It also involved aliens, but let’s leave that aside for a bit.
The Barrachan and Zingaran sets represent the most advanced side of that coin.
Gurthyanki (or whatever they are) form a good opposing side.

Personally, this one prefers the Bronze Age/Sword and Sorcery aesthetic. However, this one is in favour of representation from all across the Hyborian Age.
To whit, this one would very much like some attention paid to the Kushites or the Black Kingdoms. There is one Darfari outfit and 0 Kushites sets.
Compare to the preponderance of Yamatai outfits (while there are 0 Yamatai NPCs in the game) and this becomes somewhat… lopsided.

Also, more Hyrkanian gear would also be nice.
To say nothing of, if we are willing to wander a bit afield, the Outfits from the Conan the Barbarian movie, especially the armour he wore during his brief period as a rich person before getting caught and put on the Tree of Woe.

But in short, without disparaging the more advanced sets, this one would like some more barbaric/ancient gear.


I’m still hoping for Thulsa Doom’s armour and bathrobe from the 1982 movie


Bathrobe sorcerer armor ftw!

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There are no inaccuracies, the game is not set during medieval times. It is pre-ice age, somewhere between 32500-10000 BC.

The Conan universe is cyclic, with civilizations repeatedly rising and vanishing. The Hyborian Age is a cycle before the cycle of our recorded history.

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The point still stand that Musketeer/Conquistador looking armor doesn’t belong.

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I don’t know how you’ll take this, but the setting has food replicators like Star Trek. In fact it may be the inspiration for such in Star Trek.

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My faith collapsed lol :melting_face:

At one time I was simply killed by the outfit of the Barahan raider. This is an 18th century English naval officer’s costume. In addition, it is not subject to coloring. Beautiful, but why the hell is it here?

The “Conquistador” being on the advanced side is just one side of the issue, the other is that it’s a copy 1:1 of real European armour. And it immediately brings gunpowder weapons to mind, this is why it’s too much.
It breaks immersion.

It’s either laziness or lack of creativity, but it’s better not to get these at all than suffer a musketeer in Conan.

I also look at some of the decorations and building styles. This is supposed to be a land of exiles, who try to survive and use what they find and recycle. Yet we are getting more and more advances buildings, palaces, cathedrals, now sewer system included…
It’s cool, they are nice, but these things ruin immersion, they do not fit to the landscape wherever they get built. It’s not something you’d expect in some foresaken, cursed land without any civilization.

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Hello everyone.
It is true that the era in which the history of the game is supposed to take place should not allow certain themes because these were anachronistic.
However, if we only have to use objects, outfits, construction from the period we would be greatly limited .
If we do not say anxuals, we evolve at the latest before the end of the last ere Glaciere.
So from a historic point of view the age of stone and in the maximum the beginning of the bronze age.
So if we want to respect history, all tools, iron and steel weapons should not be present , type construction tysle: Romans, Greek and on the ancient Mediterranean whole should not be in the games, again Less the orient style (Kithan = China, Yamatan = Japan, Mémédien = Middle Age) Suffice to say that this would drastically limit the possibilities and choices.

I am not against the addition of an anterior style to the time of the game as long as the devs are not too far from anticipation and anachronisms.
The addition of clearly futuristic style by aport at the time of the game naked to immersion, has Funcom to be careful not to derive in anything under the pretext to give us content .
Unlike Hubisoft which to please a certain minority to rediscover the history of their bridge of views.

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This is simply not true. The time the game takes place is outside history.


The funny thing is, many of the items people complain about are literally described in the original Robert E. Howard stories. The morion helmet is specificially mentioned as being worn by the Zingaran captain Zaporavo in Pool of the Black Ones.

Also fun fact: cultures in the real world do not progress at the same pace. The real world has seen wars where one side has muskets, cannons and rapiers, and the other side throws obsidian-tipped javelins at them with atlatls. Or one side has ranked infantry with rifles, and the other side has spears and hide shields.

The Spanish full plate armor and muskets quite likely felt anachronistic to the native Mexicans and Peruvians, but history happened regardless.

People who think of loincloths and fur helmets being standard issue in the Hyborian Age are probably biased towards the comic book universe of the movies. I encourage people to check out what Conan was wearing in The Black Stranger.


Indeed. The Conquistador is legit, I choke on my heresy :smiley:

True, IRL some folk did not progress to iron age while other went to the moon.

read the howard stories. the hyborian age is a hodgepodge of cultures, with technology ranging from stone age to early medieval period, depending on where you go.
howard’s core purpose of his antediluvian hyborian age was so he could write historical fiction without worrying about historical inaccuracy.
i personally prefer the more savage art style of the gurnakhi armor, but there’s room in the lore for other styles. LostBrythunian is 100% correct. read the howard stories.


I did. I am still sceptical, I don’t think Zaporavo wore conquistador armour :joy:
But I am aware that Conan is just a collection of short stories not really related to each other. And we are just trying to make sense of it as the TTRPGs did.

“Where do they get their food?” interrupted Conan. “I saw no fields or vineyards outside the city. Have they orchards and cattle-pens within the walls?”

SHE shook her head. "They manufacture their own food out of the primal elements. They are wonderful scientists, when they are not drugged with their dream-flower. Their ancestors were mental giants, who built this marvelous city in the desert, and though the race became slaves to their curious passions, some of their wonderful knowledge still remains.

The Slithering Shadow by Robert E. Howard, 1933

I don’t think we need to be worried about Conquistador Armor being out of place. Here we have evidence of the Food Replicators I mentioned earlier. Which is a device not considered to be of low fantasy or high fantasy stories, but that of Science Fiction. Granted these devices are from a race of people who’s society had devolved to primitive levels. But the idea that styles and such are out of place because of their time period is not a correct one.

We have many cultures that are derived from real ones who had in some cases over 1,000 or even 2,000 years between them. So LostBrythunian, Tephra, Kapoteeni, and RagnarRandom are correct that the setting is a hodgepodge of times and cultures.

If you’re looking for a classical ancient setting. Hyboria isn’t that setting. This should be evidenced by the fact that Stygia (ancient Egypt) is using Steel. Pretty much every culture has steel outside the savage ones like Picts and Darfari.

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