Please design team, stick to antiquity style

Steel was brewed already in the 1st millennium BC in the Middle East. Iron additives began to be used immediately after the development of iron smelting, and this happened at the end of the 2nd millennium BC.
So steel is quite legal in Conan.
Unlike English officers of the 18th century and knights from the late Middle Ages.

Judging how REH dressed in some of his cosplay, I think those are fine.

thx for the pseudo history lesson…and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way.

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To muddy the waters even further, the periods of history we tend to consider as “separate” often overlap to a surprising degree. Here’s a fun little thing I found on the Internet:

If that’s even half-true, it’s more than most people expect :smiley:


Also known as “DnD5E”.

p.s. Bonus points for the author of that graphic saying, “…actually…”.


Zingara is described as such by REH himself. Should stop making that point before you read about it.

Funcom might have all problems with code and stuff, but I am sure they have the same essay EVERYONE can read as it is public domain.

The Iberian Peninsula as a whole, with overt influences from Spain. Zingara is also Italian for “Gypsy woman”; this may mean that Howard mixed up the source names of Zingara and Zamora, with Zingara originally meant to apply to the Roma kingdom, and Zamora to the Spanish kingdom. ( de Camp, L. Sprague; Carter, Lin; Nyberg, Björn (1978), “Hyborian Names”, Conan the Swordsman, Bantam Books, ISBN 0-553-20582-X)

It says they have kept some knowledge and artifacts, but it’s unlikely then can make more.

No, the Hyborian cultures do not come from our real world cultures, it’s the other way actually.

Stygia is not ancient Egypt, ancient Egypt came after Stygia.

I will say it again, just copy/pasting our real world cultures, their looks and items/weapons is just lazy. It takes some imagination to create a land that was there before ancient Egypt, before some great cataclysm. And ancient Egypt is supposed to be based on it at it’s roots.

It reminds me of Tomb Kings from Warhammer, and Necrons from 40k - just lazy xD they are also ancient Egypt…

Hyboria is a fictitious setting taking inspiration from real world cultures. Robert E. Howard liked the idea of taking his favorite historic settings and mashed them together to make the Hyborian age, he set them in the pre-historic past so that he didn’t have to worry about real world events, technologies, cultures, or even geographies lining up.

If that’s lazy, then well by all means go enjoy the settings you think take the work you think is enjoyable. We’ll continue to enjoy it without such elitism as has been done for nearly a century.


Influences from Spain doesn’t mean Conquistadors. Spain didn’t spring into existence with Muskets and half plate. Show me the passage where Howard describes 15th century Spain.

But your answer does mean I am blocking you.
If you noticed, and why I am blocking you, functional literacy is very important:
“Spain does not mean Conquistadors”.

Muskets and half plate doesnt either. It is a long evolving style that comes from old confluences of many heritages that ended up at its known form to be widespread in the iberian and italian peninsulas, but that exact same style of armor is from diverse peoples much older than the existence of Hispania. Fun fact, “Romani” was a term used to distinguish the common heritage bearer from “Roma” and the ones of Goth origin, the “Gothi”, in time all of them became Romani, and neither are Spanish in origin, but they became part of people that then went to be displaced and generically known as Romani, and much later Gypsi.

And what people who looks websites by the pictures and doesnt read name “conquistador armor” is actually a traditional armor that retained older form over the “modern” tries of even pre roman empire over that model.

REH has the perfect description of the same armor that is in a text much older than the roman empire even. Maybe that is the reason he wrote a “ancestor” of the presumed “proto iberian people” as the origin of those, much like the other peoples in the Hyborian age are ALL predecessors of modern “medieval” peoples, to the exception of the picts which REH write as the “ever lasting and never changing” peoples until they were “diluted” to form the Scots.

And, I dont need to show you any passage if you doesnt understand what the citation up there mean. Because odds are, even if I do, you will still not understand. So it is better to end this exchange here.

There is not productive to me in arguing a case with someone who doesnt know the foundation works of REH. If you need to ask, you probably NEVER read the essay or his works, otherwise you would KNOW all of them.

But it still means they kept them, and they had knowledge of their existence.

Food replicators are much higher tech than a style of armor, which is why a more primitive people couldn’t make more. That tech level is much higher than the tech level needed to make conquistator armor, which means that the Spainish-inspired culture does not need to be Future-High-Tech, they only need to understand enough technology to make armor (which almost all of the cultures in Conan know how to do) and to be able to visualize a style that they like (which is as easy as simply seeing something and liking it.

If a primitive culture still knew how to use their food replicators, even if they didn’t know how to make more, it’s perfectly reasonable for a medium-tech culture to be able to keep making more conquistator armor, which only required medium-tech knowlege to make.

If Taemien was talking about the fictional timeline within the REH universe you would be correct, but that’s not at all what he meant. You’re trying to reframe the discussion and fundamentally change the meaning of what he was saying.

Taemien is talking about the fact that imaginary Hyborian cultures were inspired in REH’s mind by the pre-existence of real-world cultures that had existed before REH’s lifetime.

The real world cultures existed first, then afterwards REH’s imagined fictional “earlier” cultures in pre-history. That is why the cultures in the Conan universe “come from” (are derived from) real world cultures. The real world pre-dated the creation of REH’s fictional world, therefore the fictional world “comes from” the real world.

Again, only in the fictional REH universe, but that’s not what Tamien was talking about. You’re trying to reverse the meaning of his statements and that just doesn’t work.

Egypt existed long before REH’s concept of Stygia existed. Ancient Egypt “came before Stygia”, because Stygia didn’t exist until REH created it.

And yet that’s what REH did when originally conceiving of Hyperboria and when describing many of the cultures. When you make that statement you’re calling REH (et. al.) lazy, which is an odd accusation to make of an author that you’re trying to defend. REH’s writings are basically histrorical fan-fiction. That’s not an insult, it’s also true of Tolkien and many great authors. It’s just the reality of what he was doing.

REH changed details here and there, more in some cultures and less than others, but very little of the Conan universe was just cut whole cloth from his imagination. Even though he placed Stygia before Egypt in his timeline it should still be painfully obvious that he “just copy/pasted” Egypt onto Stygia and then made some changes afterwards. And if we’re being honest, most of the differences between Egypt and Stygia are just pretending Egyptian mythology was real, and that the magics that they imagined, were real. Yes he added his own original elements but the original act of creating Stygia as a copy/paste of Egypt.

Not really, it was a pretty common concept going back throughout the history of humanity. The concept of pre-cursor civiliations and the concept of “before some great cataclysm” are common themes in the storytelling, mythology and religions of practically every culture on earth.

From an intellectual, or literary, point of view, it started happening more and more with the rediscovery of antiquity, which was happening on a fairly large scale during the Renaissance. Plenty of people started wondering, speculating & arguing about how far back human history went. The idea that the history of humanity has gone through multiple cycles of growth-flowering-collapse-and-decay was neither new nor original during REH’s time. “Who came before the ancient civilizations that we know of?” wasn’t exactly how the average person would have phrased the questions, but the concept was always there, and among the cultured and educated classes it was a popular topic for thought experiments long before REH came along.

And really, that’s true for the common man throughout most of history. Nearly every culture on earth has myths/stories about the ancient people “who came before us”, the giants, the heroes of ancient times past. There is a dotted line line from Gilgamesh to Beowulf to the writings of REH - this was a common thread in myths and story telling for centuries.

Many people created fictional settings in which they imagined pre-cursor civilizations and cataclysms. The only thing unusual about what REH was doing, when compared to the long human history of myth making and story telling, is that he was explicitly, specifically creating a fictional universe as a way to make a living. But in no way the did he invent these concepts, they are baked into story telling from time immemorial.

And so is Stygia, even though that thought makes you unhappy.


If I liked Conquistator armors, I could also just play New World…
In fact, is New World, and its popularity (at least used to be) a driving factor why Funcom introduced Zingara?

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yeah I know…what a huge hit that game was. /sarcasm
But at least quote the whole sentence. Otherwise it seems that I really regard this game as popular, which I don’t. But It used to be all over Twitch for a month or so… and everybody was talking about it.

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Well Funcom didn’t introduce Zingara. Robert E. Howard did nearly a century ago. And the style itself… well centuries ago throughout history itself.

The point of the thread is we see historical concepts made into fantasy as a matter of theme for Hyboria which is very well in line with the intent of the original founder of the setting. While there is some artistic liberties here and there, they don’t go behind the standards they have set for the context of the game(s).

alot of howard’s inspiration on the pre-cataclysmic proto-civililizations seems to be derived from blavatsky’s theosophical writings. “Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars” reads like it was written by someone who had just consumed blavatsky’s stuff and wanted to integrate it into fiction.


At this rate you probably blocked everyone here.
Must be fun navigating a forum where everything is hidden.


well, it wasn’t in the game before…then it was, so Funcom introduced it into the game. Not sure what it has got to do that the source for it existed already. That is not the question.
Why was it brought to the game now, and not 3 years ago? Obviously the developers thought that a Swiss Guard Uniform was not as recognisable for a Conan game as bronce and studded leather armor.
In fact, Age of Conan does without it entirely.

Will we see Marvel’s Thor and the Hulk too? Just because there is precedence for it in Comics? As fun as it could be for some, I’d kind of shiver at the thought of riding around the Exiled Lands, just to come accross a decayed base where a Hulk stands in mid air doing the Chicken animation.

I guess waht I want to say here and in the OP, just because something is theoretically in the source material, doesn’t mean the developers have to use it if it looks completely out of place. But yes, that is just an opinion.


Because I and others have asked for more Zingaran content.

Funcom has cut ties with Marvel, there will be no more crossover content between these two companies in the foreseeable future.

One of the character presets is Zingaran. It makes sense to have Zingaran content.

As for it looking out of place, thats for -you-. Not me. I’ve actually played Zingaran characters quite a few times. And its nice to have some of their non-pirate themes available. I’m looking forward to them adding Zingaran build sets to go along with the new armor and weapons.

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well there was a suvey funcom did some time back, one of the questions was what cultures you wanted to see in the battlepass and bazaar, i dont remember if Zingaran was one of the choices, but i think in general funcom wants to have more options besides variations of loincloths. if people are buying civilized armors, funcom is gonna keep making more of them. atleast what has come so far has some precedence in the lore. not much into comics myself, but the entire yamatai DLC comes from the comics as inspiration. no yamatai in howard stories.
so long as we don’t see “Elvish Mage Armor” and stuff like that, and funcom keeps to a somewhat accurate interpretation of the lore, i think it’s fine. zingaran armor now isn’t any more out of place stylistically than the barachan reiver armor that’s been around for a long time. aesthetics is all opinion tho, you are right on that.

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