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So while I do enjoy the current outfit additions to the game there are still a few more I would’ve loved to see added if only for aesthetic purposes, what I would love is some makeup style tattoos (Egyptian eyes ect) maybe some new hair options and a merchant you can visit to change hair for a price?? But back to outfits what I really would love to see are togas!! I would kill to have a giant toga party especially if we could have some new Roman style building pieces like proper temple pillars ect and a bathhouse being able to place water into things like a moat, and Egyptian clothes like Cleopatra styles with the Egyptian god masks/headdress, along with some tribal gear like African ect and can we please fix some of the dyes to actually represent the colours make them more vibrant like a bright yellow option, a rich orange so that people stop just going for pink, red, blue because those are the only colours that really show up without looking muted or off??? And a gold silver dye option? So we can dye the metal on armours bright gold or stunning silver (maybe using gold and silver dust to create)

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Stygian noble and clothes crafted at the Set’s altar are very Egyptian looking. And I’m all for dyes with more intense colours and for a gold and a silver dyes. That’ll make another use for all our gold and silver.

Yeah they do have a Egyptian feel to them but I still find them lacking personality and I’m mostly after the Egyptian god masks and maybe a anubis mask and tail outfit (just for fun lol)

Remember, the Stygia of the Hyborian Age is not Egypt. The outfits and other paraphernalia needs to fit in the theme and lore of Conan. Egyptian gods (except good ol’ Set) apparently didn’t exist, or were not known of, 10,000 years ago.

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