Hair styles and color

I have played a lot of other games. An I think Conan is the only one I have played like this style that you can not go to a station and change your hair style or color. Why not make a new station that you can place a Tanner on it to change you hair style or a Alchemists to change the color. Or a new thrall all together that does this.


Yeah I agree. My avatar needs some bronze on her body.hahhahaha

This has been requested so often. I’m actually shocked it has not been implemented yet. It’s currently on the Trello board but only tagged as ‘discussed’. :confused:

Honestly the demand for this is so clear that at this point I’m pretty much assuming it’s going to happen, it’s just a question of when.

In the meantime if you’re on PC I can think of like four mods (Pippi, Emberlight, CharEditLite, and IQoL) just off the top of my head that let you change your appearance, so at least there’s options.

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