New hairstyles and beards. Please

I think everyone who played 100+ hours have seen all beard/hairstyles and tired of them. Now we need something new and fresh like whiskers for male and hairstyles for female. Maybe even regulate hair vegetation in general. So i hope that Conan Exiles team will hear my call. Conan Exiles Community, i hope you need all these beard and hairstyles too.


Here’s my list of suggested hairstyles and beards from another, related thread:

I agree, we haven’t seen new hair or beards since the days of EA. The current options are adequate but extremely limited and need to be expanded.


More faces would be nice too.


Thats some great suggestions :+1:

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I wish they would bring back the true redhead. In EA, you could pick red hair that was the color of Red Sonja in the comics, I really miss that color without the use of MODs.


Just give me a damned hair dresser already. I can make massive stoves, and massive castles. The sharpest Daggers in the game, but I can’t get a hair cut?

And if we have to craft it. LOL. Just have the Alchemist make hair dye.

I agree. What would be cool, was the inclusion of a thrall, who knew these things, as well as those already in the game. Obviously, we would need a new workstation


I want more moustache options. True, moustaches probably weren’t in fashion among the peoples of the Hyborian Age, but I seem to remember one or two people described with a moustache in the Conan stories. I totally want the used carpets salesman in my town to have a cartoon-villain moustache.

Maybe some Khitan-style hair and beard options too. And short curly hair (for the Black Kingdoms folks, and why not Hyborians too?).

But of course, it’d be best if Funcom got their hair physics to work on characters of all heights before adding more glitching hairstyles.

What you have is all you will ever get.

I definitely doubt that. It’s very likely that we’ll get more options eventually, not necessarily as part of a free update but in DLC.

I would like Dreadlocks. More beard and face options would also be great. Possibly a physique triangle for more body types, and the ability to change these with pre-existing characters, possibly with a potion or a special thrall. At the very least, I want the dreadlocks. I saw they even had concept art for it before when they had a poll for adding a new hairstyle in. Just finish that one.

I just want a more appealing long hairstyle for females, not really keen on any but the long braided ponytail. Something like a messy, sort of unkempt long hairstyle would be a rather obvious one to implement, I mean there is no way someone’s hair would be perfectly done in the situation the player character is in at the start. A not quite straight, long hairstyle that actually has a fringe (or bangs in the US). So basically just more natural looking hairstyles.

Something like what ARK does would be nice too, that hair naturally grows over time, but stop it at a certain length, some of the shorter hairstyles would appeal to me if they were just a little longer.

I wouldn’t mind more short hairstyles for women.

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