Making Noise. A suggestion and introduction

Oh hi.

Im Eutus, ive been enjoying your game for a while and creeping on the forums for as long. I suppose you could consider this an intro post as well as a suggestion, but you asked me to make noise about more hairstyles … so im gonna.

To be more precise I would like more beard styles and options. Im sure there are many more bearded brethran and those who love us that play Conan Exiles. But among us are so many different beards, long and straight, cubed, coiled and dense, wild, manicured, and in just as many shades of brown, black, red, grey, silver. And ive noticed frequently that most games during character customization treat facial hair underwhelmingly. So in theory you could get bonus points for being the best beard creation system in a game easy peasy, that seems like a grand bonus.

I cant demand to much more than a few other options for facial hair customizations … and truely doing art assets for both genders should be a higher priority. But it certainly wouldnt hurt to have a more diverse bunch of faces running around, even if its just on your armies of thralls.


I think the three biggest requests I’ve seen as of late are for hairstyling, more facialhair and armor display racks… excluding calls to nerf items of course! we can keep up hope that Funcom will step up and take a break from playing “whack-a-bug” and “wheel of rebalancing” long enough to add some of the much called for RP mechanics!

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I agree with everything you said. While we’re at it, let’s also get some mustaches. I’d like to also see enemy NPCs with beards and mustaches.

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