Hairstyles & Other ideas for the future of Conan

Hi Exiles.

I have came across some suggestions latly poiting out DLCs for sexier faces & more customization. Which I would be OK with aswell. As it can be hard googling & finding some sexy faces as each of us all have diffrent ideas on what is best looking, I thought I would start out with Hairstyles.

recently they added in some new hairstyles with the Orb. Which incase u havnt seen already I suggest u go & check it out, I think funcom did a great job & its somthing I only want to see more of.





Very diffrent & very mixed up styles I am sorry about the mess. I personally love all kinds of Curls & dreads. I think they current hairstyles consists mostly of long hair, so I took also some time to add in a few shorter versions. I hope people will post some to be taken serious. Not only hairstyles. But general ideas on faces, diffrent body shapes. Perhaps more even considering jewlery. If u r a god at finding these kind of images where it has this kind of ART style over it or from other games, be my guest, feel free to post & share ur ideas. :slight_smile:

Personal favorite :slight_smile:




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