More Customizable Character Creator

Can we get a more in depth char customizer like BDO. More hair options would be nice too. Heck throw it in a DLC i’ll buy em.


A hairdresser would not be bad.
So that you can change your hairstyle in the game and the beard.



I found this in the wiki.


Conan Exiles Community Reports

I’d check out their Trello board to see their current progress on things as it helps get an idea where they are or what they are considering.

However, I am not sure if they are maintaining this board as it has been some time since I’ve seen changes there.

@GodsOfExiles Man, I’d kill for a Mc Flurry right now. That’s probably the best upcoming mention to date lol

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Looks like they bought a pile of mods some of us are using now. Stole my thunder :frowning:

With the right amount of mods, you can make really beautiful toons.

This isnt one of my best, but way better than vanilla.

add immersive armor


Amazing screenshots! I do hope they expand on character customization and attire.

Some of us play on PS4. We cant use them. :wink:

Just use mods - better than Funcom…

Wow! Which mods are you using? Is the face only different texture? Because I am tired of looking at the same vanilla faces again and again!

Aquilonian Females - Booty
Lovely Hair styles -doh
Vanity - (oil, texture, hairline, hair down there)

Save your pennies and buy a PC. It will be worth it.

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Only for one game? That is senseless. :wink::v:t4:


Sidenote: mentions of bugfixes on the wiki may be outdated.


Thanks for the heads up. I was not aware this was now defunct.

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