My content wishlist for 2020

Well here we are, just a couple months or so left in 2019. It’s been a wild ride, maybe, I don’t know the details of all your lives, that sorta thing’s not really any of my business. Anyway, with the mounts update coming in December, I’m guessing that will be the last major update to Conan Exiles for this year. But what’s in store for the next one? I have no idea, but here’s a list of things I’d like to see.

1. More character customization options
The people demand more options! More hairstyles, more makeup options, and more faces to choose from! Ideally I’d love to see a good three or four faces to choose and then further customize for each race. Do you know how sick and tired I am of only having one appropriate-looking face to choose from if I want to play someone who isn’t white? The answer is very sick and tired. That’s why I keep harping on this issue.

Sure, there’s the RP Aesthetics mod for hair and makeup options and it’s really cool (minus the wonky physics on some of the hairstyles it adds), but what about people playing on official servers, or on consoles? They deserve more options too!

Heck, there’s one option that can be added, like, in the time it takes to read this post.

2. Character customization after creation
I feel like this one’s basically a given seeing as how many people have been clamoring for it, but I’m including it here anyway. Again, it’s not a huge issue if you can use mods since I can think of like three off the top of my head that let you change your character’s appearance, but not everyone has that luxury.

3. More early game building options
Y’know, sometimes I don’t want to build with sandstone when I start out. Sometimes I just want to build a rickety shack out of thatch or wood or something so I feel a bit more survivory.

4. More weapons
See this thread for what sort of weapons I’d like to see in the game someday.

5. More playable races
Now, I’m not asking for every race from the lore to be included, especially if that means making every single Hyborian group their own thing, but I do think a few more choices would be neat. Plus I mean, yeah the Yamatai aren’t in Howard’s stories, but they’ve already got their own DLC sooooooo. I know the weebs out there would be happy.

6. More player races appearing as thralls and NPCs
Have you ever seen a Pictish thrall? Or a Khitan, or a Turanian, or a Vendhyan? Yeah, me neither. What gives, Funcom?

7. More Age of Conan armors
Yeah, I know I posted a bunch that I’d like to see in this thread. I’m saying it again here and you can’t stop me!

8. More AoC emotes
I don’t know how many of the emotes in this game are recycled from Age of Conan, but I know it’s more than zero. So here’s some more I’d like to be able to use in Conan Exiles:
/fart (beavis_and_butt-head.jpg)

I wanted to make gifs of each one but the only video editing software I have is too irritating to use.

I feel like these would also be very popular among people who use Pippi’s thespians to liven up their servers.

9. And finally, the most far-fetched idea…a new map
See this thread for details.


It’s a pretty nice wishlist. I especially support any requests for more cosmetic options, but I’m definitely not actively opposed to any of your other ideas (except Beavis and Butt-Head) either.

The items 1, 2 and 3 on your list feel especially important to me. More variety in my thralls’ faces and appearance would be very welcome, and yeah, more T1 building options would be very welcome. Just think of the classic story of the Three Little Pigs and how they built their huts.

Buying a new hairstyle for my character in AoC tonight reminded me of another thing I think would be neat that ties into the first and second wishes.

10. Barber NPCs that give special hairstyles.
I know I’ve seen other people have mentioned barbers that can change your exile’s hair before, so here’s my take on such an idea. Okay so imagine this: we get more hairstyle options, and we can change them if we want, say at a special station similar to Emberlight’s vanity. But then there are more hairstyles not available at character creation, which can only be unlocked by interacting with certain merchant NPCs, probably located in Sepermeru or something. Then, after you unlock the hairstyle you can access it from the vanity or whatever, so if you’re one to change styles a lot you don’t need to buy it again every time.

I have no idea how much work that would entail, but this is a wish list, not a things that will definitely happen list.

  1. My first wish for 2020
    I would like to build the Zikurat of the CE Intro

  2. My second wish for 2020
    A slightly enhancement of the existing map

  3. My third wish for 2020
    New Devkit Tools for modders which easier will help to create new maps for Conan Exiles

  4. extra options in Serversettings.ini for Thrall HP, ThrallDamageTakenMultiplier and ThrallDamageMultiplier and the same for Bossmonsters.

  5. a noticeable improvement in AI in Conan exiles for NPCs and Thralls


This thread is a very good compilation of many of the most often requested features. Most of the there within would be very welcomed. My picks would be a Barber at Sepermeru, Armour Display Mannequins and Fruit Trees.

My personal favourite and most wanted new feature…some more Crom features please! Even if you dont give him a full overhaul, how about another Legenday Weapon? I think a Two Handed Great Axe would be in his style. Please…

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


I couldn’t agree more! I remember the first time I played the game I was surprised to build a stone house so quickly. I was expecting to tinker with some branches and foliage to make a makeshift house. It looks like our character was a mason before arriving in the Exiled Lands.


Indeed there should be some fiber level tent craftable by hand which can be made before sandstone. That way sandstone could be postponed to level 10.

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Oh snap I thought of some more things that have been bugging me:

11. Add the hook hands to the Buccaneer feat already
This has been boggling my mind for a while. When you read the journal to learn the feat it mentions hook hands, but when you look at the recipes included therein, no hook hands are to be found!

At first I figured somebody had just forgotten to include the recipes, but they don’t even have recipes, as I learned while poking through the devkit. Let us make our own hook hands, Funcom! C’mon, be a pal!

12. Split up the Awnings feat to be more consistent with the building tiers
This isn’t new content per se and it’s been brought up before, but I’m bringing it up here again for good measure. The Awnings feat just makes no sense. Hooray, I’m level 41, now I can finally build…thatch awnings…for my T1 house…that I’m still living in…at level 41. Granted I’m sure there are a lot of PvE players still building with sandstone at level 41 since they don’t have to worry about being raided, but still, how does not being able to build a thatch awning until well after you’ve leveled up enough to build with T3 materials make even the slightest bit of sense? It feels like somebody was feeling lazy so they just went “PFFFFFFFT” and threw all the awning recipes into one feat and called it a day rather than work out what level the individual awning tiers should unlock at.

So like, could we get those recipes broken up so we can actually make T1 and T2 awnings when we’re unlocking all the other relevant recipes?

13. Make new exiles limp for a while, and maybe start out with less health?
Okay, so I was just nailed to a cross for who knows how long. Funcom, do you really expect me to believe that I’m going to be in any shape to just get up and jog through the desert after that? I’ve read A Witch Shall be Born, I’ve seen the 1980 movie like a hundred times, I know even Conan was in pretty rough shape after that sort of treatment. Are you saying my exile is tougher than Conan? Really? Tougher than Conan. Come on. Come on.

So here’s my idea, when you first start out in the desert, the best your exile can manage is a feeble limp, and then with each level you take they get a little bit stronger, until by level, I don’t know, five, they’re up to the normal level of movement. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m usually level four before I even get to the river, so that shouldn’t leave players too vulnerable if their preferred playstyle doesn’t involve constantly dying.

In addition to that maybe they could start out at like half health, to reflect how weak someone would actually be from, again, being nailed to a cross in the hot sun for an indeterminate amount of time.


We start at level 1 when we’re released from the cross. I’d say that’s already pretty wimpy. Maybe that represents our ordeals - the fact that we start at level 1. We could’ve been great kings, heroes, warriors, thieves or poets before the cross broke us all into level 1 unskilled weaklings with no stats.

I would say we were all masons before considering how we make a sandstone house after 5 minutes :joy:

I would say a totally revamp in A.I

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For one, I wanna see a lot of new armor and weapons. Especially more longsword types.

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Not sure it could improve the AI. I never met an that could qualifies as intelligent in a computer / console game. I don’t think it’s possible to code a good AI without needing a supercomputer to play the game.

Personally I’m not happy with a game’s AI unless it plunges me into a philosophical quandary about the nature of personhood.

If we have chance to ride only horses, I would like to ride this horse next year!

Screw horses, I wanna ride a kitty.

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Knock out a thrall. Put it through the Turing test. If it passes, proceed to the Wheel of pain, otherwise kill it.

It’s 100% more esthetic stuff…but no new feature…

I would like all of that, but i would prefer: sorcery, new things to raid bases, better thrall system (city life) new features in général.

This has been suggested like a million billion times:

14. Vanity slots
Basically, I wish the Fashionist mod was part of the base game. Now, I know what you’re gonna say: “B-b-but Mr. BoogerParty, if the game has vanity slots, players could use it to hide what armor they’re wearing from other players in PvP! It could never work!”


because there’s a simple solution to that. Just make a “show vanity slots” option in the server settings, and have that option disabled by default on official PvP servers. That way PvE players and private servers can have whatever look they want without wearing armor that may not be suited to whatever they’re doing, and PvP players don’t have to worry about getting jumped by a dude hiding a set of epic Cimmerian steel armor or whatever under their fiber clothes.

Also a frequent request:

15. Bigger window pieces
Look, I’m just gonna say it: the windows we have are stupidly tiny. Almost uselessly tiny. Yeah, I know they’re probably that small because of PvP, but not everyone plays PvP, and bigger windows really open up a room and make it feel a lot less stuffy. I mean, look at this, made using the LBPR mod to overlap a doorway and a fence:

That looks so much better than the tiny vanilla windows!

Basically I want a second larger window option for all building tiers and DLCs, please and thank you.


I would love to see these suggestions added in! Some of my top favs are the character customization ones and the added building pieces for tier 1. Especially being able to apply all customizations (including facial hair) to thralls too. Also, would it be possible to add facial hair to NPCs? It seems silly that none of them have any facial hair.