More armors from Age of Conan

I love the trend of adding armor from age of conan. Can we see more of this, and add some of the more robe like items… Perhaps this one?


i dress like that at the “mommy and daddy clubs” ;]

Im down for more armors, I think FC should release a DLC just with armors, like 3 sets of each category, light, medium and heavy, with mixed stats like the DoD dlc.

I’d buy the hell out of a DLC with just AoC armors.

I’d especially like to see some of that pirate-themed Barachan stuff that came in the starting gear bundle and those sweet Khitan armors that I never got a chance to actually wear because I never did any raids or anything while I was playing.

(Or just the basic Khitan armors you could get doing chump quests, really.)

Or any of these:


Really would love more khitan ones, Archoenin ones (( sp ))

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Since I had the night off, I decided to hop back into AoC and grab some screenshots of my favorite outfits I’d accumulated while I was playing and wouldn’t mind being able to wear in Conan Exiles. It ended up taking…several hours of updating, but eventually I was able to get on and all my stuff was still there, so here we go:

Khitan mercenary armor, probably my two favorite armors that I’d gotten. You’d really only need one since they’re mostly palette-swaps of each other and dyes are a thing in CE, but dangit, I had the two sets, so I’m gonna make you look at them both.

Just a Khitan peasant outfit. We want more casual outfits, right?

Hyrkanian armor. I like this one because I think my character looks friggin’ adorable in it.

Swashbuckler outfit from the starter bundle for the Ranger class.

Kush!te tribal outfit. Are we ever gonna get any Kush!te stuff, Funcom?

I wasn’t able to get much Darfari stuff but I like this headdress. I assume any hypothetical Conan Exiles version wouldn’t clip into the wearer’s face so much.

Shemite Exile outfit.

Okay, these social armor sets are from the 2011 movie and I don’t know the current legality of using stuff from that in this game, but I think they look neat.


Literally anything from the various Tempest of Set and Necromancer sets would make me over the moon happy.

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I was in AoC running around Khitai after work tonight, and I ended up seeing a few more outfits I wish we could wear in CE:

Is a DLC filled with nothing but AoC Khitan armors and outfits realistic? No.

Do I want a DLC filled with nothing but AoC Khitan armors and outfits? Absolutely.


I don’t know.

AoC had wonderfull armors. Many i’d like to see in CE.

But so far, the ones that we got (the epic class armors) … i don’t feel they fit very well in CE visually.

I’m not quite sure why i feel that way. Maybe it’s the much more shinnyness of these AoC armors. The texturing seam at odd with most other stuff we have in CE ? Or something in the texturing making them somewaht dated compered to CEstuff ? Texturing is definitly not the same as the CE stuff.

Though, i really, really would like to have the 2011 Conan movie social armors added in CE.

And aircuts. Don’t forget the fabulous aircuts of that DLC. :slight_smile:

Khitan hairstyles, Khitan armors, Khitan face options, Khitan weapons, Khitan placeables, I would pay actual physical money for a Rise of the Godslayer-themed DLC.

The Imperial East DLC was the blood in the water, and now I want MORE.

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Even more of the light armors that are robes, if sorcery ever comes or even if it doesn’t These outfits would be nice for sorceror rpers on rp servers. So I am curious what other armors from AoC would people like to see give them a post here!

I don’t mind dlc of armors and so on but would love them fix servers and fix the npc like it’s no fun hitting animal just sits there taking it doing nothing or doing dungeon and big boss just does same move and u kill it because its glitchy… Was going buy dlc to support the game but with them bugs what’s point

The people making the stuff for the DLCs are the art team, not the team in charge of bugfixes…

Maybe they should get art team to help the bug team since there not doing grand job

Maybe you could abstain to speak about things you don’t know.

Well since I bought game am entitle to speak my mind unless u want refund my money back

You really want a bunch of non-specialists, who may not even know the first thing about fixing bugs since, y’know, that’s not their job, to go poking around the game’s code?

I thought you wanted the game’s problems fixed, not amplified.

Is that a bite? Haha

Here’s what I have for robey stuff:

I have another one that looks neat in the thumbnail but when I tried to put it on my outfit went all wonky and showed me as naked so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ooh, I’d buy all of those - including the robe that makes you appear naked (reverse invisibility cloak? The Emperor’s New clothes?).