Age of Conan DLC

So we had nice Khitan DLC that look like Age of Conan faction gear. I saw rumours about Aquilonian DLC (black dragon gear from Age of Conan).
Can we hope to have raid T1/T2 armor set and culture armors from AOC? :heart_eyes:

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I would very much love the dark templar armor :open_mouth:
This one:

Always found it incredible looking, since the first time i saw it

Yeah soldier armors are really awesome in this game. Raid, dungeon and craft stuff. Conq and guardian are my favorites :

They do look amazing too :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll gladly support this idea… More armor variety is always good imo… Would also mean some armor has to be nerfed and/or at least balanced, so people actually feel the need to use different armors ofc… But the overall idea is good imo :smiley: would be amazing, as i think i may have stated already XD

No need for nerfing anything. Just add vanity tab as in AoC and you are done!

Like Silent Legion OPness? But do not like the style and would like to have conq T3 look from AoC instead?

Use SL in power slot and Conq T3 in vanity, done!

Everyone would be happy :slight_smile:

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Only issue is in PVP visuals tell you when you are about to fight so knowing the armor set does tell you alot about your opponent personally I don’t care but I have seen the argument here before

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Sure, so if your gear is heavy armor you should use only heavy vanity gear. But yeah vanity tab would be perfect !

This ^^^^^^^^^^

Well, i suppose the vanity tab would be a good alternative… I don’t PVP, so the only thing about Silent Legion that actually bugs me, is that everyone run around in it on PVE servers… Gets tiresome to look at :stuck_out_tongue: but yes, this would be a viable option, even to me ^^ especially if they bring in gear from AoC at some point, that’d be bloody lovely

Edit: Moved something down as a comment instead

A vanity tab could make dlc content much easier too, armor (and maybe weapons, if people would want vanity options for that too) wise… Could just leave it as blank slates, and have them be cosmetic options, as they’re advertised as