A question about armors?

So I was planing to try out Barbarian to see if I like it more than Conqueror. But man Light armor and cloth armor only so if I wanted to have lets say the Aquailonan armor set or Hyena fur or Vanir fur which I rely like the look of I basically need to play Ranger which seams to be the only rouge class that can use medium armor. Or can I turn them in to vanity armors like other mmos allow you to make any armor to in to costumes/vanity. Or should I stick playing my Conqueror that is able to use any armor except silk.

Because I saw allot of neat armors I liked but majority of them was medium or heavy and honestly barely any of the light armors looked neat at all. Yes im the type of player that like my charter to look neat while playing.

No, armors sadly can’t be converted to vanity armor items that all classes can wear. In that case you will need to roll a class that can equip these items, a Conqueror for example as you said.

I wonder though, did you look up Conan Exiles armor sets? From the names you mentioned (especially vanir fur and hyena fur) it seems like they are, if that is the case you most likely won’t get these armors in AoC at all because they are not present in the game (besides the hyena fur armor that recently got added to the community challange anniversary event).

Yeah that´s my bad I noticed now the video I saw listing armor was conan exiles haha man I was realy tired yesterday not seeing the exile part.

But I do say it´s strange that these armors have not been added in the mmo that came way way way before exiles.

But I do say I asked in chat in game about the community challenge if I could do them as level 30 some one said that´s a no if that´s true it´s kind of sad I can´t get Hyena fur armor as a new player.

Yeah you won’t be able to participate in it as far as I know because you have to grind the onslaught mode which is only for level 80 players.

Stupid part is, thatyou need grind onslaught EVERY day without excuse to get full armor. People has real life,but FC dont think so.

No, thats not the truly stupid part, the truly stupid part is that we are almost 1/3 of the event done, and the community goal on leaderboards.ageofconan.com that is needed for the helmet, is only at 10%.


it takes like 30min to do 1-5? if you want armor - you find 30min a day, thats how event works. You are supposed to do some work in order to get items, same with any raid/dungeon armor…

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I guess they will extend the time to complete the goal like they did last time with that challange for a mount. In the end there was so much more time that the goal could have been completed a second time.

Fc should have made this event quest for Onslaught so it was about streaks. 2 waves gives you first piece, 5 waves gives you second piece, 10 waves gives you third piece and 16 waves gives you fourth piece.
That way people get better at doing higher lvl waves and get keyed for a weapon purchase. And many players got several alts so it would be quicker to get your pieces for each char.

And ofc. people could choose when to do the challenge instead of having to do it pretty much every day.


That idea of rewarding streaks actually sounds much better. Or even doing both, allowing people to pick which method works best for them. Best I’ve seen is a streak of 10 doing the Raid Finder pugs, as people always leave early at some point.

Someppl have job, family and other things, that are more important then pixels. So no, no anyone can be near pc for 20+ days

then you dont play mmorpg, that is how it works lol. If you dont have money - you don`t buy Ferrari
no time - no items in mmorpg :smiley:

there are people whining about wave 15 being too hard to buy weapons which are better than t6.
So I think they`ve done it the way not to hear qq from RFgrown players


These same people have full t4 gears and are not capable of doing monastery run


Thats why aoc has 200 ppl online while wow has 2+ billions.

To be fair, as someone who plays both wow and aoc i can say that aoc is way more generous of giving everything to everyone regardless of time and effort they put in to the game. If you are easily triggered by other peoples stuff, this game will trigger you the least as u can get it aswell :smile:



numbers don`t mean quality :smiley:
go play wow then whats your problem?

Conan is the pinnacle of no effort needed to get everything.
Leveling is super quick, gearing up in raids is ridiculously fast considering how nerfed and easy even the real raids are.

Not to mention you can be pvp 10 in a month by just playing few hours every other day

Which… used to take about 2 years by doing mini games and open pvp, and even if you grinded rocks you still had to grind mini tokens (without the quest chain or the extra token u get because subbed)
You see dozens of people now that are pvp 10 with less than 500 kills and 0-50 mini games played.
Then you take a good look at some old pvp.er who has more or less 20-50k kills and 1k-2k minis under belt :smiley:

Nobody should have any reason ever to complain about progress being slow in conan. And if you do, you are in wrong game genre all together, there are fighting games and mobas for you where u have everything from get go with no effort :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not “difficult” to attain the previously mentioned gear and AA, but it does take an absolutely insane amount of time. PvP10 in a month is only possible if you alt farm, usually it takes 3-4 for hardcore players, and many more for more casual players.

AA takes years on Fury unless you somehow exploit and get a bunch of free expertise and mastery. On Crom I imagine it’s probably a lot faster if you’re a pve player.

Instead of transferring pvp10s with full raidfinders to fury, show us how fast you can max out a character by rolling a new one then :slight_smile: . Because my experience is the total opposite, it takes forever to get good AA and RF, and the first couple pvp levels are an absolute nightmare because you get 1 shot by literally everything.


And u somehow think I didn’t gear up my toons on crom before transferring?

Lets see… my hox got to 80 in few days, quested in khitai for a day. Bought few epic pieces (shoes + wrist) some faction garbage blues, did rf. next day farm dungeons in efficient way, (full uc run) now hox is pretty much full epic with some good blue items. Join t5 raid gather relics, join next weeks t5. got t5 sword + wrists + rune. did some pvp event and hit pvp 8, with all important aa.s maxed

boom there u have it, a toon that is rdy to go in any content :smiley:

The hours that you spend in open world all are hours that u take away from improving your toon :wink:
And ofc having connections and knowledge on what you are doing always helps and makes things faster.

Just fyi, pve content gives shitloads of AA that enables you to get most important ones as long as u do it smartly

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