What is your favorite armor archetype in Conan Exiles? (+bonus questions!)

Greetings Exiles, and welcome once again to our Question of the Week!

Last week’s What’s your favorite weapon archetype? attracted a lively discussion on your preferred tool of destruction. But what’s a raid without the proper garment?

A good exile has to choose a weapon that best suits the occasion, and that includes their armor. Each with its pros and cons (which we’re shifting around a bit in our latest balance patches!), one has to choose which set gives the best tactical advantages for the situation ahead. Or the one that looks the most fantastic. Because why dominate your enemies when you can just all admire each other’s fashion choices?

So for this week’s Question of the week, we’d like to know…

What’s your favorite armor archetype?

  • Light Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Mix-and-match! (let us know in the comments)

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Bonus question!

What makes you choose your armor?

  • Whatever has the best stats. I like to min-max!
  • Whatever looks the most fabulous! May Crom notice me!
  • Whatever I can afford to craft. Life in the Exiled Lands is harsh :’(
  • Other (tell us below!)

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Both polls are single-choice, and as per usual, you can only see the results once you’ve chimed in with your choice.

But wait! That’s not all. Given the wide range of armor sets present in the game, we’d also love to know which one is your favorite armor set (based on any of the options listed above).

See you on the Exiled Lands!


I really would like to have a transmog feature for armors at least…

I would like to use many other armors, but only for their looks. Not for their type (heavy) or attribute bonus…

For female-thralls: HEAVY and Black dragon Sandals, Hyperborian Slaver chest, bracers and pants. As helmet I use Pictish warchief or Executioner Hood.

For male: also Heavy, either Silent Legion with god breaker boots for thralls which I use to kill stuff.
Defender males: some of them have heavy cimmerian Armor from the mounds or Full set of Yamatai warlord (I hope I can dye this Armor). Some older ones have flawless heavy set. Clanmate made a ahit ton of this armor.

I am not a fan of Godbreaker armor. The helmet alone… you look like an idiot.


I wear light armor because it’s lightweight, and my little cat burglar character likes to be mobile (and able to carry lots of stolen loot).

I tend to pick my armor based on stats, because I use a mod that lets me change my appearance. Without this mod, I’d be forced to wear somethnig with sub-par stats, because I won’t compromise my fashionability.

My current favorite set, looks-wise, is Zamorian Thief shirt, gloves and boots, with Artisan pants dyed black. Gotta love those skintight, glossy pants. Stat-wise, I tend to go with vanilla Light armor, because Encumbrance is always useful. (Where’s mah cold-weather light armor with Enc bonus? Wheeeeere?)

For my thralls, I naturally pick Heavy armor. They don’t care about the weight, and they care even less about dodging. I dress them according to the style I build my base, so I don’t have a single favorite. (That said, the Debaucheries DLC armors are beautiFul with a capital F.)


I chose medium in the poll but I tend to use all 3. Different play styles for each.

My reasons for choosing which armor is mostly surprise factor and sometimes for attributes.

It makes my day when I sneak up behind someone in my white wolf mask in the highlands and jump across their screen.

Now if only we had a tiger mask, elephant mask, rhino mask and boar mask.

I’d have more biomes for player vs player shenanigans


I really like the individuality possible with the few head armors that render with the hairstyle intact, particularly Vanir Fur and Lemurian Warrior.

I use mixed sets for use in all temperatur zones. Heavy, medium, light, dont matter, anything goes. Personal favorites are khitan and turanian ones, just love them. Also have a thing for plate armour, very thankfull for champion set. Also the ability to dye armour. If we could set temp resist ourself, id be running around in Khitan all the time though.

On most servers, I pretty much run light or nude by default. When I’m farming, fighting NPCs or adventuring I’ll often find myself between two Builds: 5th perk ENC and 2nd perk SURV. Ordinarily I wear Yamatai mediums or basic mediums for +9 ENC, and switch to Pictish mids for +9 SURV. However when I need 10 points in SURV rather than 9, I’ll mix it up with some Light armor.

Switching from my Yamatai mids into a combo of Turanian Scout plus Asura gets me “Hard Worker” SURVIVAL perk…

Then when I’m encumbered I’ll switch back to Yamatai mids with the Riddle of Steel stylish pink castle helmet. When it comes to thralls, however, I’m very fond of Dark Templar Heavy.

I am really happy with this Attribute-switching ability. Regardless of my armor choice, this game element really shines in Conan Exiles.


Y’know over server chat one can be only so disagreeable, so whenever @zerog brings this up, I’m more than a little ambivalent. I would be totally down for it if the color haze for transmogged items turned orange for hot and blue for cold as an easily-identifiable overlay.

(I love the idea of changing armors and weapon skins, but honestly I spent 45 minutes yesterday searching through my inventory for the special spice I knew I had, and it was right there in front of my face all along. lol)

As long as it’s easy to see, you get a heart.


Offer’s still open: I’ll make you a set anytime you like. (Offer temporarily void if I’m in Warmaker, or thralling for another Eina. Some assembly required.)


My favorite archetype is heavy armor, but i use more the medium armors, for movility pupouses.
Silent legion with executioner head piece is what i usually wear…

But for the looks, i use a combination of vanir light head, aquilonian chest and wrist (non dlc), zamorian dancer skirt, and vanir heavy boots, all this for a female character

Aquilonian medium, dyed white, and the Mitra spear - aka my ‘archangel outfit’ is my preferred loadout. Not optimal stats, but acceptable, and well… it’s PvE, I can afford the subpar choice, unless I’m dungeoneering anyway.

Well, and there’s something to be said for running around like naked like a savage of course, but enough about Real Life.

I usually prefer light armor because I can move around more, but even if I don’t like the inability to properly dodge, it offers a ton of more protection. I do like to mix and match different pieces though because if I’m going to be stained in blood, either mine on someone else’s, least I’ll look good in it. Right now my main (a female), wears the Vanir heavy chest with the heavy Blood and Sand skirt and boots, and heavy Stygian bracers. And the Lemurian Royal head jewelry because I want to look good too.

The Khari Raider mask (dyed red and keeping the gold), the Dark Templar chest,
the Inn Keeper skirt that looks like the Lemurian Royal skirt (dyed red), heavy Stygian bracers and boots.

When I’m building stuff in admin mode or just lying around my base, I prefer the artisan pants,
Zingarian Freebooter chest (dyed blue), Lemurian Royal bracers and boots.

I always equip my thralls with heavy armor, or the best heavy armor. I usually admin in the heavy armor since I play in single player and figure why not. I get the thralls by Lovetap though. Find it more rewarding when I get them myself and I love fighting human NPCs. It’s chaotic.

Preferred depends on the role I play, if I’m farming innate objects none, light, or medium. Animals, medium or heavy, depends if they’re boss creatures and need to roll away from thunderhoof stomp lol. Pvp i prefer heavy, rolling seldom works because of the lag switches, they are instantly on u soon as u roll so as to not recovering is bad. If you like heavy heres an idea : godbreaker grips - hands, executioners hood - head, flawless pictish brave for the other 3. Gives u +12 strong, so if u top it off with that and potion, that’s 18 straight, but not sure if warmaker dungeon tomes count as a stackable item yet. If so thatd be +22 strength! But even so the 18 str allows u to get 3 vitality, 1 agility, 4 grit and 2 encumbrance. 4 grit with a 2h hammer is awesome hardly use any stamina while fighting and can run as good as most in light/ medium armor!

I prefer light armour because I dodge a lot in fights. I prefer to not be hit than relying on an armour to mitigates damages.
For the look I love the Zamorian Thief with the ZIngaran Freebooter headscarf. But since I discovered the Inn Keeper chest and the Artisan pants I mix up more often. And there’s the gold bikini too.
I dye all my armours in black and red, except the Zingaran Headscarf which is already red.

The Artisan pants are one of the best additions.

I’m picky… I think most games fail to bring any design I like. (i’d say 80-90% of gear offered in games is never to my liking) Always some silly shoulder pad, extra belt, some silly thing added to it that ruins the whole design. Or End game armor has to Big, Bulky, Shiny, Gold, Silver…

I love aquilonian scout (light), Its simple… it fits with world. nothing extra on it.
I tend to wear climbing gloves… cause I’m always climbing something and exploring.
Feet are non-dlc aquilonian sandels (medium) share look of DLC (close) but offer more def.
Head… earring, sometime witch queen crown, Skelos hood, It varies.

If I need to live, I’ll switch in aquilonian meduim armor (not dlc) I’ll wear some of heavy DLC if i really need to take some hits. If i “Have” wear heavy, I longer care what it look like. Its about stats at that point.

I’ll give honorable mentions to Darfari skin stuff, Derkito dancer and gems bikini (LOL)
Alot of good mix and match.

I love Khitan scout stuff, thou I wish it was Gloves and not a bracer. (good cold armor)

It gets dyed white with blue/black tones. (and yes, thats a flying mammoth)

Love Dancer clothes…wish we had alot more like that. (again…plugging a race dancer pack)
Take my Money!

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She’s way too valuable, the only one I’ve found since June.

So she’ll be in the rear with the gear. :camping:

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I mostly wear the standard light armor because A, it’s light, and B, I like the encumbrance bonus when I’m out gathering resources. Then I use the Fashionist mod’s vanity slots to put the Khitan armor on over that 'cause I like the look.

Armor for Me: Epic Flawless Medium (for volcano-desert) / Epic Flawless Medium Khitai (for frozen north)

Armor for Archer Thralls: Flawless Epic Khitai Light (Green for normals, Blue for named)
Armor for Fighter Thralls: Flawless Epic Khitai Medium (Black)
Armor for Named Fighter Thralls: Flawless Epic Khitai Heavy (Black for Honor Guards)
Armor for Dancers: Dancer Robe (Various Colours) :stuck_out_tongue:

Armor, one of the most important parts in a game for me(apart from beautifully brutal weapons)…the ability to look bad a$$ and still be more or less viable is my main goal. And usually tending to go for more darker ominous themes, the ability to dye stuff black is awesome and important! :joy:

My usual Necromancer setup is the Skelos cultist Hood along with the “pants” (the reinforced version) combined with lemurian medium warior armor for that nice necro feel of the torso’s shoulders and cool looking boots and gloves.
But Blood and sand (bought but not played yet) will definitely add a couple of additions to my WARdrobe!
My Medium choice is also centered around the movement it provides, while heavy armor looks awesome (Silent Legion :eyes: ), I really get trapped and killed allot more with the little hippity hop for a dodge.

Just for reference here is a screenshot I used for the tiny homes competition, you should get the idea :slight_smile:


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