Roleplay Clothing

So it’s been a month now and I have to say I’m having a blast with Conan Exiles. I’ve found myself playing a Roleplay style more than any other game I’ve ever played.
There are some great clothing options already but, you know people…we always want more of a good thing. It would be great to have more casual clothing options, so after a hard day of exploring I can come back to my base and slip into something more comfortable…
Enjoying things so far though… nothing but praise and constructive criticism from me. Thanks :heart::v:t5::crossed_swords:


You can always buy the thermae robe from the bazaar…
There are some options though. Noble clothing comes to mind. Artisan pants and so on. There are some light armors that could do the trick too.


Oh yeah I see all the great options out there… just looking to play a little dress up :cowboy_hat_face: “A man has to have options…a little variety.” Natural Born Killers…or close enough :nerd_face:


If you’re on PC and playing in single player / private server then you have access to a ridiculously large amount of all sorts of clothing via mods.


Unfortunately I’m on console…but the day will come when I can afford a decent gaming PC.:joy:

That’s going to be the main way to do this. Those mods eat up a ton of memory which is going to require a PC, even if consoles do get modding.


They usually add new armour/clothing to the battlepass and bazaar with each chapter so something might come up that will suit. The choice of clothing in this game is great.


I have been so impressed…and even having the Illusion System adds to it as well, and I know I haven’t even discovered it all yet… just wanting me and my thrall crew to be stylish exiles :nerd_face::cowboy_hat_face:


Then No armour, just body paints is the way for stylish thralls exiles. :grin:


The Illusion system helps, we need more “clothes”

Before, it kinda made sense they didn’t really have a reason to add them for small amount of people that use it. Now that we have transmog system… should diffidently be more.


After thinking about it…it would be nice to add your own specific ability to a piece of clothing, armor, or weapon…but maybe that would be too O.P.:nerd_face:

Just use illusion. You can make your armor look like any set of clothes, @UncleWillie56 .

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Yeah I guess it’s pretty much the same thing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since we speak about role play clothing inthis topic i will post here the gift i accepted from my team m8 yesterday.
You have to know about me that i don’t accept gifts in this game with enthusiasm, although i enjoy the enthusiasm of other players when i offer, i rarely go this way woth offerings from others.
This however is one of the top 5 moments of my Conan exile history!

So @Cattibria name the armor pieces you love for this toon, the weapon you think it’s appropriate and Ofcurce the menu, i have to know what she prefers to eat!
I am so damn excited, my best thrall ever.

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I have two of her. They are both equipped the same. The other one has just over 10k of health.


Already gave her Musashi :wink:. I am preparing some shrimps and lobsters, when she returns home to have a place to crash, relax and eat light. She will have her own room and @Barnes show off on her :rofl:.


Shes butt ugly lool