We need more sensual and lusty outfits

I am talking about outfits like the Zamorian Dancer set that pronounce the female figure. We have really well looking female bodies and characters in the game, why not embrace it more? A bit more revealing as well if possible. I think the barbarian setting really allows it to have such clothing.


I agree a few years back my wife convinced me to play a female character and no looking back. Prefer to watch a Lady strolling along we basically kept female thralls. I transmog everyone’s armor anyway . Unfortunately my partner passed last year. I fire her PS5 up every so often to keep her memories alive


Just get one of the many lusty mods.


Console doesn’t have access to mods.


Which mods?

All of them. :yum:

Immersive Armors is pretty good, though its a bit more in line with stuff we already have. So its great if you don’t wish to break the overall theme of the game.

But if you’re looking to go a bit further you have Exiles Extreme and Ladies of Evil that probably have some stuff more in line with the thread’s title. Age of Calamitous has some decent looking stuff, but its an overhaul mod that will make CE look like WoW made in the Unreal Engine (this isn’t said as a criticism, you can definitely see the inspirations there).

Okay, thank you. I will take a look!


We have a few options in game.
Zamoran Dancer already noted
Arguably the Darfari and Stygian halter tops.
Definitely the Derketo and Zath religious outfits.
Silent legion light top may tickle a fancy or two.
As might the Siptah version Black Corsair, for your underboob needs.
The Light Dragon armour as well for similar reasons.
The Lemurian Royal outfit also has some potential, but the top is a bit ornate.
Then there’s the Slaver top for all your dommy mommy needs.

DLCs have a couple
From Debaucheries of Derketo the bejeweled chains set which would absolutely look at home on someone demonstrating acrobatics from a pole as well as the “artisan” pants, if you like spray on leather leggings.
Also, the Slave Forged Ceremonial set from Isle of Siptah may be worth looking at.

The Bazaar also has a couple
Pictish Rite dancer (altho when the picts became Pacific Islanders is beyound this one’s kenning, Howard’s Picts were basically Native Americans) has a barely there grass top as an example.
The Battle Passes also had one or two, such as the illusionist.

That having been said, there is always room for more outfits.
This one has a personal favourite to request.
Queen Taramis Sarah Douglas

No reason to stop there tho, why not have a similarly inspired top but with snakes rather than an avian? Something to motivate the Stygians.


Saw this outfit today on youtube and found it interesting.

FYI: Lisa from Blackpink in her new song Rockstar.

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If I am wrong, please correct me. Are we actually discussing skimpy clothing, sexiness, or sexualization?

Especially the latter is exemplified in various games and in creative expressions by a number of mods. The latter has already been mentioned by @Taemien. For instance, artists like Boris Vallejo or Luis Royo, in my opinion, embody sexualization. Please understand, I have no issue with either ■■■■■■■■■■■ or nudity, as both are legitimate forms of expression. However, if something feels forced or solely serves the purpose of sexual arousal, then it crosses into the realm of sexualization. Whenever I see individuals wearing BDSM outfits and traversing a swampy jungle in extreme high heels, I cannot help but feel disturbed. Why? Because it lacks a practical purpose! Moreover, it is unrealistic and completely non-functional in such an environment.

Here is an example where, from my (never humble) perspective, things are set right. Take a look at the following outfit:

  • Skimpy: :white_check_mark:
  • Sexy: :question: Depending on one’s viewpoint, this could be debatable…
  • Sexualized: :no_entry_sign: A tribal character in tribal attire within a primal environment. According to Bauhaus, where ‘form follows function’, in this case, the attire is an expression of the environment → characterized by steamy heat.

So, as long as garments are functional, tribal, and/or purpose-driven, they are most likely acceptable. If someone accuses me of splitting hairs, let me draw an analogy. Consider the distinction between erotica, ■■■■■■ movies (sometimes referred to as soft ■■■■), and hardcore ■■■■. While the general themes may be similar or closely related, the level of explicitness varies. Additionally, the first two avoid explicit content like ‘pink shots’ and ‘erections’, while the last leans more towards such content.

In short, if there is an introduction of more ‘skimpy’ tribal, artist-driven elements like dancers, courtesans, or any other elements that serve a purpose, count me in. However, I draw the line when it veers into sexualization.


Sheer fabric dyes.

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Definitely like the idea of a few more sensual outfits perhaps less for adventuring but more for social occasions.

Not sure about the ‘lusty’ aspect, but a few more ‘social’ outfits would be nice in general. My wife, when she plays on our friends and family server, always bemoans that there is a lack of more social clothing options, especially well made skirts other than the few short options available.

My wife is definitely one of the players who dresses up to the occasion and prefers a practical approach. While she bundles up for trips to the colder northern regions, she prefers the Lemurian Warrior top most overall and one of her pet peeves is that the Zamorian Thief Pants leave an unsightly gap and that there are too many similar examples, where if a little bit more time was spent more items would actually open up more options to mix and match outfit pieces.

Her second most pet peeve is with the colorations and dye system that sometimes makes matching pieces much more difficult, but let’s not get into that here.

As far as some suggestions, below are a few pieces that one could argue are elegant and sensual, the first two are from the movies Scorpion King and John Carter of Mars respectively and the latter two being from Age of Conan - the Khitani Art, would make for a wonderful outfit and Kira’s outfit would be equally in line with practical (for a Conan Exiles fantasy thief/adventurer) and sexy.


Also since Jewelry was introduced, there seem to have been no additions to it unless I am mistaken. And since there are some pieces that are crafted at the Tailoring Bench (Black Hand Earrings, Vanir Earrings, Lemurian Royal Jewelry etc.) why not either transfer those pieces to the Casting Bench or remove the casting bench (too big and mostly useless) and put those jewelry pieces into Tailor and the molds and glass stuff into Tinker bench?



That picture doesn’t look nice

I always liked the fact that Age of Conan had a very nice variability of dresses and other social type outfits (and even a vanity tab). I never understood why Conan Exiles failed to implement either of these things. Yes, I understand that a dress would not provide much (well…anything) in the way of armor value but it would at the very least provide you something to wear while you were relaxing in your base (home) so as not to have to sit around at all times in your heavy arse armor. The illusion system is a very poor excuse for a vanity tab, and I should not have to download a mod to actually have one (and console players cannot even do that).

Your wife is AWESOME! And she is also :100: correct.

Yeah, the dye system is…not great. And the change in chapter 4… belongs in the abomination thread. Except is is even more abominable than anything currently posted there. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Though not nearly as much as their “excuse” for why they even did it.

But yeah, AoC had some nice outfits of all sorts. From just generic dresses to skimpy revealing armors to savage looking armors. You could dress anyway you wanted.

This is an example of a rather plain, simple yet really nice dress that could fit so many occasions, especially now that we have the ability to create out own taverns!

Here is one of my characters in her pirate gear.

Here is another of my characters, just look at the design of that dress. :heart_eyes:

Another amazing outfit from AoC!

They really could do so much more here in the Exiled Lands…


Considering Queen Taramis is sort the antagonist of the show, it shouldn’t look nice.

Sarah Douglas also has some excellent armour from that movie as well. If this were a thread about practical or at least not scanty armour, this one would have posted those.

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I didn’t mean nice as in friendly, I meant it looks like cheap cosplay. But then again, tastes differ :slight_smile:

I’m all for it. And while we’re at it, let’s do the same thing for men. More sexiness for everyone in equal measure!

We’re playing out silly fantasies of being mighty barbarians, let’s lean into it :smiley:

I don’t know about OP, but I’m for all of that. Yes, including sexualization.

See, the idea that sexualization is bad has roots in the undeniably sexist way it has been imposed on women, just like an ideal of “what it means to be a man” has been forced on men. And I’m vehemently against that. But the awesome thing about video games is that they give us choices, and game developers can ensure we get a variety of choices.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with giving us choices to sexualize ourselves if we want to. It would obviously be a bad thing if there were no non-sexualized choices for women, for example. Somewhat less obviously, it’s also not very good that we have certain outfits that emphasize the sexual aesthetics of female character models, but we don’t seem to have anything like that for male character models.

Yeah, I’d say we need more sexiness, but we need to spread it around some.

I’m still not sure why that disturbs you. If it’s because it ruins your suspension of disbelief, then I get it, but perhaps that means you need a more curated environment, like a private server with certain RP rules.

What I’m trying to say here isn’t “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else”. Rather, I’m pointing out that the devs were never very strict with realism of the attire. Remember when stripping the armor off and being nude used to prevent frostbite? And whatever semblance of realism they used to maintain, they threw it away a long time ago when they implemented the illusion system.

Given that you can cavort in (what looks like) Pictish Warchief armor inside the volcano without dying of heatstroke, or jump into a river with a full set of Poitain Cavalier armor and jauntily swim back to the surface without drowning, I think that running through the jungle in high heels is an arbitrary line to draw, and those are usually drawn on private servers.


Put it in perspective: it’s a 1984 cash-grab sequel to a 1982 movie that could have been so much better if Arnie knew how to fuсking act back then. Of course it looks like cheap cosplay :smiley:


I honestly took his comments as one who views things through the lens of someone who sees the game through RP, and frankly, the idea of running around the environments of the exiles lands in high heals is rather absurd. :rofl: Not that there are any high heals in the base game (that I can think of), the only ones I am aware of are from a mod.

The base game clothing options, yes. Some of the later additions, not so very much. Especially the helmets…(why oh why have they never given us the option to HIDE OUR HELMETS).

Well, that is not exactly out of the realm of realism in the lands of the Hyborian Age, so there is that to consider.

Yeah that is pretty egregious as well.

But you do seem to be comparing apples to oranges on this one CodeMage. You are comparing the fact that surviving in the extreme temperatures of a volcano in armor that looks as though it should keep you rather toasty in the frozen north, or somehow swimming in armor that should drag you down to a water grave to strutting around in clothing meant to be hyper sexualized to show off the female form specifically for the purpose of making her “more appealing” to men in an environment where such clothing, specifically the high heals, would be extremely detrimental to her survival, purely for the purpose of being “sexy”. The male character not swimming in the Poitain Cavalier armor is not doing so to look “sexy”, and is not being made to wear something hyper sexualized for the sole purpose of being more appealing to the opposite gender. The same for the Pitcish Warchief armor wearing person in the volcano. Yes, all three armors are absurd in those situations, but one one of them is being used specifically to make the wearer appear more attractive and sexual for the sole purpose of the other genders gratification regardless of the implications of the wearer.

However, I do absolutely agree with you on this, and this is the biggest key.

So if someone wishes to dress a specific way, that is their choice and no one else’s. No one should be forced to dress any specific way, nor should they be shamed for their choice, or made to feel bad.

Oh, Arnie was by no means the only reason that movie had issues.
This. :point_up_2: This right here is the BIGGEST reason that the movie could have been better, but wasn’t. Guess who also worked in the same role for Conan the Destroyer (1984) and Kull the Conquer (1997)? Guess what all of those movies have in common? All of them had very little to do with the actual characters they were portraying because of that man mentioned above (the same man who though he could just change the works of Robert E. Howard and pass them off as the actual works of the man himself, and are universally considered to be inferior to the original works).


Have you ever seen high heels as part of any Vanilla (made by Funcom) attire set?
It’s only possible if some certain mods are given → private server.

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