This game needs more feminine clothing

I know I’m not the first person that’s been asking for this and I won’t be the last but I would love to see some feminine clothing and armor

I hope we get to see more similar styles like these in the future I mean that’s all we can do is “HOPE”


What’s funny is I can make some of those with the current selections

#1. I would use the slaveforged gaurdian with the godbreaker helm

#2. This is the hardest but flat out noble. Not nearly as ornate as your picture but it’s in the same ballpark.
#3 Freebooter lower half and Zamorain thief upper half. That would near 100% replicate this picture.
#4 is guardian upper half and zamorian thief lower half.
#5 Guardian but use the inn keeper top


Yea but let’s be honest conan armor isn’t very feminine unless you wanna talk about the the non-armor like the dancer outfit the bejeweled etc

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I definitely recommend this video by Kiahonfire. 10 OUTFIT IDEAS That Are Worth A Try! | Conan Exiles | - YouTube

Has some really good outfit ideas that might help and inspire a bit.


Eh… some of that perhaps, but I’m not sure you’re getting the point. The idea is some are more ornate or sexier. Appreciate the input though. Might be worth experimenting with and find a happy medium. That being said, it’s been mentioned numerous times that they need more sexy outfits, without some of the extra stuff. For example, the gurnakhi armor looks good in theory, but that collar of teeth, bones, and horns just looks ridiculous. Slight modifications to ALMOST outfits should be considered. If Funcom wants to put minimal effort into making outfits, sure, make suggestions on how to “almost make it,” but that doesn’t solve the underlying issue that sometimes they just neglect the sexier outfits in favor of uglier ones. Then there’s the “lazy” route… remember the new bikini on the girl in the battlepass? Yeah, they just reused the dlc outfit in game. :expressionless:


What kind of weird tinyshortbow-sword is she holding in that last pic…? AI art?

Agree with @erjoh though, most of these outfits can be done in the game right now, even if it wouldn’t look exactly alike.

Hard to say these days. That wasn’t the point though.

As for the actual point, I’m not sure her point was that they need to be the exact outfits. It seems to me they’re merely examples, even if completely different. It would be silly to assume Funcom would copy someone else’s designs. They’re merely inspirational more than anything. At least that’s my taking from it. I wouldn’t be so quick to shoot down someone’s suggestions for better and more diverse outfits beyond what we already got in the game. Femininity seems to be lacking in quite a few. The point wasn’t to recreate these specific outfits, or perhaps I’m misunderstanding things here.


Your 100% correct I didn’t ask for these outfits it was just something similar for feminine like some

Like have some outfits with some lace fabric, maybe more beads in their clothing, or straps, chains etc

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My larger point is that these examples of feminine fantasy are available now. Sure I would like to see more options as well but on FC standard MO for armor, masculine armor versions would need to be developed as well


I can’t argue that male versions would need some sorta tweaks. granted, some of the male versions of the present armors are a bit… unsettling to say the least. :rofl: though, I think that’s part of the fun, and sometimes hilariously so. @Marylambs it might be worth also venturing into male armor ideas that could go for female as well. Or at least show similar armors as a kinda male/female equivalent. However, I imagine that’s a bit tougher to do with random internet finds. Still, if something fits for it, good to throw it in.

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I didn’t ask for these outfits I meant as them for similar suggestions I feel like your missing my view

for example: 3 of the outfits I posted look 100% not similar to anything we have in the game I even tried your suggestions and still don’t even come close



Hello. In my defense I can say that I was in a clan of 4 girls and had to make sexy heavy or light armor but sexier for a long time now I’m a professional. they corrupted me I was good and innocent. :smile: Sorry to interrupt but it has caught my attention and memories of the past. I’m really happy to share my old profession.


This one would like to take the opportunity to repeat the request for Valeria’s outfit from Siptah be made available for player use.
It is somewhat related to the op request.


Yes Funcom! That’s the easiest money you can make! Sexy girl outfits.

Sex sells, remember?


Here I was hoping “feminine” wouldn’t be used as a synonym for “sexy”.

What I’d like to see is some dresses and gowns, from a peasant’s dress to royal gowns. Stuff that doesn’t necessarily show all the skin you can legally show on Youtube or MTV.

We have lots of options for revealing armor (which is an oxymoron in itself) and revealing clothes. What we don’t have in abundance is full-length skirts, or robes with sleeves. (The male noble shirt looks really nice, and although the female version looks lovely, it’s still basically just a bra.)

On the more revealing side, what I’d like to see is a plain tank top and shorts. In the original depiction from Red Nails, Valeria was wearing shorts. The Marvel Comic artist (I forget his name) nailed the outfit, but just about all other artists I’ve seen draw, paint or sculpt Valeria have apparently ignored the fact that Howard wrote a pretty detailed description of her outfit.


I agree. Sword and Sorcery fantasy has been plagued with the metal bikini. It has its place and I’m not a prude mind you. I’ve godded a base in a bikini pre-3.0.

I’d like more dresses personally and transmogging makes it more versatile :slight_smile:

I’m fine with either armour or dress, I just want it to act accordingly… full plate shouldn’t jiggle.


I have never made it a secret I’m a sexist :pig: Female armor is not feminine. feminine tends to be ■■■■■■. But


I’ll let people do a youtube search for Jill Bearup. She educated me on female armor. So Dalensia is in dragon armor. But I have a dan… entertainer that is going to have a hard time hiding daggers in that outfit :grin:


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I’m of the Vallejo school of sword and sorcery… the more oiled hairless skin the better! This applies to the men and the women I might add.


I am always for more diversity of armors/clothes, and if Funcom has time to work on it, it would be nice indeed.

I already feel the “feminine” armor trend through some recent armors:

  • Unholy Communion armor (battle pass)
  • Mad Prophet armor (free)

Some of the old gears are also very feminine, though most of them look like regular clothes rather than armors made for battle:

  • Aquilonian Scout (DLC)
  • Zamorian Thief (free)
  • Relic Hunter (free), one of my favourites
  • Inn Keepers (free)
  • Black Corsair (free)
  • Stygian Raider (can’t remember if this one is free or not)

Either way, the illusion armor enables us to play with different gears to reach an appearance of our liking. I would like more clothes of course, but if it’s not possible, the illusion is a good alternative.

All of my female thralls are dressed in a “Turanian” style, though the pieces used are a big mix of everything (Zamorian, Ophidian Magi, Turanian sets…). They still look feminine enough.

Thrall 2
“Turanian” vibe

Thrall 3

Inn Keepers. As you can see, the gear looks completly different whether it is applied to a woman or a man.