Unisex Armour Request

What’s the reasoning behind a set of armour being different depending on which gender it’s place on? There’s so many cool armours that look great on male characters, but not so good on female characters, especially the Darfari Skin Chestpiece and the Hyperborean Slaver Waistguard.

I play as a Darfari but don’t wear the chest piece due to the look of the extra leather. Having the bone necklace only would be so much better.

I’m sure some would agree with these and even add to the list. Can we please get the option to craft these armours for female characters to look the same as males?


It would require multiple female armors. Because otherwise their boobs would be out. And that would not work with the No Nudity setting.

So they’d need a No Nude version, a Partial Nude version. Some armors would require a Full Nude version for the EU/PC stuff.

I never understood the issue people have with nudity. Violence is fine, but nudity isn’t?

Regardless, that option is already somewhat in place after character creation, depending on the settings, with loincloths and wraps. Could it not be expanded to the armour we craft?

Somewhere some people got it in their minds that nudity is related to ■■■ and inspires thoughts of ■■■. Perhaps getting insecure or afraid that people seeing nude people will make them want ■■■.

What exactly is wrong with wanting ■■■? We’re human…

And if people are aroused by pixels, that’s very sad.

That is actually arguable and depends from the environment. Mating patterns vary.

I don’t allow my female thralls to wear chest pieces for this same reason. The necklace would be fine, but the added leather… It overrules the nudity setting I have in place, so I’m not pleased about the design choice.

Depends on the context… Some people just want total control over every aspect of our lives… to be able to micro manage other real human beings like we’re the Sims.

No. This game rated M for Mature. It not Minecraft or Ark.

You got it backwards. Armors look great on females. I never seen one I dislike on females. My favorite on females is the Stygian Raider. On Males the Stygian Raider is awful.


It’s fairly simple, really.

America was ultimately founded by religious fanatics. Thus we get witch trials, persecution, and all that other good stuff, based on these religions and religious beliefs.

Now, despite this being the 21st century, we are still a throwback, due to the fact that special interest groups gain political power by rallying behind specific candidates, who then push the religious agenda on the rest of the country.

This in turn leads to moronic censorship laws. If you need an example, just go look at the Church Lady on the Simpsons, always screaming “Won’t someone please think of the children?”.

It’s ultimately a war, when you think about it. Organized religion is trying to indoctrinate our kids from a very young age by encouraging each successive generation to be ashamed of ■■■ and anything associated with it.

Thus in America, we get dumb things like censorship, even when the nudity is completely nonsexual in nature. But our children are given free reign over extremely graphic brutality on a regular basis.

The M-Rating is crap, in and of itself. My cousin’s kid was under 10 years old when he got to play extremely violent games like Call of Duty Black Ops. Parents in America are mostly garbage when it comes to actually stopping their kids from playing M-rated video games.

Conversely, in Europe, such graphic violence is censored. Because they’ve been through extreme wars, and seen that violence up close and personal. And they have cultures that do not shun nudity or treat it always having to be sexual. It just is what it is there.

But in the end, the resources involved, it’s just easier to go with what we have, rather than having to incorporate a lot of optional routes to accommodate varying tastes.


Actually it has more to do with the fact that their ideologies and beliefs put a lot more power behind the state. They still have monarchies, for example. Even if they have become more or less symbolic, that is the mindset behind how their governing system is set up. Their people are far more dependent on the state for protection and safety, which in some cases has lead to downright paranoia when it comes to violence.

Here in the U.S., we broke away from said ideologies, and shed a crap ton of blood to do it. Power is in the hands of the individual, which naturally means we’re going to be less squeamish about any kind of violence. But to say that we’re all gung-ho about it just because we haven’t had a war on our own soil in the last century is disingenuous at best.

However, as you so cynically said, when it comes to nudity our moral values are founded on the more Puritan side of things. Contrary to popular belief though, they were not against sex. They were against sex outside of marriage. In fact, after the wedding you were duty bound to do the deed and could be punished for not doing it. This is one of the many reasons they came here. Europe was rife with brothels and prostitutes at the time and they wanted to get away from that kind of stuff. It was never nudity perse that was the problem. It’s the immoral behavior that often goes along with it.

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I’ll say one thing about your response.

Power is in the hands of the individual

But more often than not, the individuals gather into mobs and thus they gain political power, and so their influence is used against ALL citizens of the country.

That is a huge part of the problem. All the special interests bribing their way into a politicians pocket and using his vote to enact the changes they want. So it ends up being what the mob wants, rather than what is best for the people as a whole.

I do find it fairly funny that for all the attempts to curb that sort of thing, America is rife with debauchery. And instead of brothels, where at least there could be some kind of security and regulated medical checkups to prevent transmission of disease, we end up with “escorts” selling themselves online to locals in their area, and spreading whatever, to wherever.

LOL, people aroused by pixels.

When you watch a ■■■■ video, are you watching pixels, or people? Everything on your computer is jujst pixels, yet we don’t see it that way.

It is all how the brain wants to interpret it, so ya, sure, people can be aroused by pixels.


That is an excellent point. I didn’t even notice he’d said that until I scrolled back up.

Anything sexual you watch on a screen is pixels. The only time it isn’t pixels is when it’s happening right in front of your face. So anyone aroused by ■■■■, is aroused by pixels.

I swear, some people and their high horses. They are almost always the biggest hypocrites.

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Well, I’m nearly 40 years old. Seeing breasts on a screen doesn’t arouse me. I feel great happiness, without a care, but not aroused. Each to their own though, I guess.

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So the rest of the planet is penalized because America was founded on fantasy. Seems fair.

Based on your examples I’m sure you can guess what the reasoning behind the decision was.

Simple facts from the real world: men and women wearing armor look pretty much indistinguishable, whether it’s gambeson, mail, plate or modern tactical gear. This is why many video games, as well as miniature games, model “female armor” to look more feminine - players want to have that choice of gender, or play as one of the iconic characters in the game, and look like the guy/gal in question and not a generic sexless person in a suit of armor.

It’s a matter of aesthetics. Funcom simply decided that their version of aesthetics includes covering female nipples. For the most part I agree with that decision - fighting women would want to protect their vital areas, as well as prevent the bouncy bits from bouncing while fighting. The sole exception to this being Darfari, who I could easily see going nude or wearing only a belt or something for their weapons, and maybe a loincloth to prevent sand and bugs from entering inconvenient body parts. However, since fighting Darfari women would probably want to control their bouncy bits too, I can live with the current choice of top.

The whole nipple question is a product of centuries of cultural development and a couple of decades of MTV, and there’s huge variety even within specific cultures. In Finland, traditionally considered pretty liberal because of our sauna culture, we have people who think it’s totally okay for men and women to bathe in the nude together without any sexual connotations, and people who are horrified when they see a breastfeeding mother because children could see a nipple! (Obviously the baby would need to keep their eyes closed too because they’re too young to see boobs or something.)

Suffice to say, people have different ways of thinking (or not thinking) when it comes to the human body, nudity and sexuality.

Lol, nicely said.

Big reason for that is real world armor for the most part isn’t designed for women because men have done the fighting for thousands and thousands of years. Which means all of the aesthetic qualities of armor is more masculine. Had women played a more active role on the battlefields throughout history, it’s a safe bet we would see a lot more examples of “female armor”. (Probably not bikini plate though. That one would likely be decorative or ceremonial if it existed at all. :wink: )

I appreciate everyone’s input here. I understand what you all are saying.

I still believe my Darfari character would look so much better if she could wear a chest piece that was the same as the male chest piece, purely because I don’t like the look of the leather on the female version. I would love if this was possible on console.

With all that, I love this game! Thank you.