Alternate armor


So in the options you can can pick between full nudity, partial nudity, or none. These options affect the amount of nudity you can see in game, but this is only if you don’t have any armor on. There should be alternate versions of armor depending on the selection of nudity you have chosen to see. For example, if you are wearing a loincloth and you have nudity set to none or partial it stays as is (completely removing your genitals), but if you have nudity set full the loincloth will only cover your sensitive parts not remove them, so if the wind blows you better hope no ones looking. Now some may suggest why not mods? Well I play on the Playstation 4 (European version) and don’t have access to mods and that goes for many others as well. So yeah just something I think should be added to the game (oh and female character models don’t have viginas, come on Funcom fix it, and yes I will keep asking).



Oh, and armor for your pets too, can’t forget about them.


I’m glad there’s a complete nudity block here in the States. Otherwise it would be a DoNg party.


Your not wrong. Lol.


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