Another darfari female armor suggestion

The darfari female armor top should be tied to nudity setting, on partial and total nudity the top should be like the male one, only the collar piece.

We have all those great warpaints that include the chest yet females cant see then and have armor.

And also that top dosent make sense it looks like a modern woman clothing piece.
Free the tities!


If I remember correctly, it used to be like this back in Early Access. I was kinda disappointed to see the chest wrap appear on them later.

Now, I understand how, from a realistic standpoint, fighting women would want to bind their bouncy bits. That’s why I’ve come to accept the current Darfari female top. But I think I would prefer it if both sexes followed the same necklace fashion.

The mods that do this seem to all go a bit, let’s say, over the top (pun intended) with their changes, turning some otherwise okay-looking armors into something you’d expect to find in exotic adult shops, so currently none of them are the solution to this for me.

Some of the armor that you’re referring to needs to be integrated into the yog deity shrine set for more functionality and it gives value

Dont remmember it ever being like this in early access, I think it was one of the first mods made at the time.

In this case it dosent really matter if they are fighting woman, this is their tribal garb. It has a top just to cover nudity. Same way the portuguese explorers pictured indigenous people of america with loincloths in their paintings.

I asked for this also some months ago. What the Problem might be is that the nudity settings affect the loin clothes pieces itself as transparency. One day I got one of this loincloth bottom parts and was wondering why the bottom was allways nude when I used this……

I guess in nudity settings this pieces (chestwrap(partial),loincloth(full)) are set to transparent.

In the darfari top part the female chestwrap is part of the darfari top and so includes the chestwrap.
This means, for more “air” they have to make separate costumes for each nudity setting, this is no solution.

It is not like in real life that they wear some Kind of undies below the armour - but stop, a Little bit it is so. If you watch your char climbing, you can see the censorship….

This is caused by the principle how it works. When nudity/no-nudity would mean all wear small black bikinis, that could have been the simple solution for nudity settings. This we will have allways, no matter how skimpy the armor is.

A cheap solution could be:
A transparent colour and texture overlay instead of texture replacement….(Darfari female top is replacement, no overlay)

So in principle there is no simple way to make it, unless Funcom wants to go a extra mile and implement the nudity setting for alll armors. Which woukd not be so bad, considering a lot of people wanted that noy only for darfari but the exile armors too.

I guess this is correct. But at least a transparency dye option could help. A word from a dev could clear things up …

Have wanted this and requested this also. My only solution for a better looking armour on the females was to dye the leather a dark brown. Doesn’t look so bad, but ultimately not what I’d really like.

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