Loincloth and Chestwrap

As the loincloth is already in the game as an attainable (but not craftable) item, it seems logical to flesh this out into something that doesn’t operate like a glitch.

When an NPC is found wearing the loincloth, you can see it on their character model. But if you take it and try to wear it yourself, its visibility is currently dependent on your nudity settings.

This seems way off. Why not make the loincloth operate independently of the nudity setting, so that even if you and your server allow full nudity, you can still equip a loincloth should you so choose?

Likewise, the chestwrap (currently not attainable but visible only as a graphical representation to conceal breasts when nudity is off) could be similarly implemented and offered as a decorational chestpiece. Neither needs to offer any armor value, of course.


I wholeheartedly agree. Even if they have minimal armour value, I feel that we should be able to craft a set. And even if it is not craftable, I really wish we could wear it without it cloaking. It looks REALLY good on thralls.

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You can get the chest warp via admin, it just doesn’t show. (how you word it, XD)

I’ve dyed loin cloth and wear it. (if you die, and put it back on, it wont show till redyed once)

They’d be a better first step for clothes then coarse. (but I’m a hater of coarse clothes in general XD)

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I agree totally. I am a new player, but stumbled over this some days ago when I found a loincloth wearing bearer. It seems silly to take it off and then on again and then it is invisible relating to nude settings.

So, please change this behaviour and make also the chest wrap available as clothing, please - or at least make it nudity independent, please :slight_smile:

I like to expand this wish a little. The dafari light chest has a chest wrap for the women. I would prefer much more, the male chest with the teeth necklace also for the women. Please, all in all, more “natural” tribe clothing/armor (semi-nude). Only naked or clothed is too simple.

Thank you


This is the sole reason why my female thralls won’t wear chest armour. :joy:

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…nor pants for that matter. Same thing for my male thralls except they wear chest pieces. Look good that way. :smile:


Nudity settings in mind, why aren’t the clothing more embracing it in a smart way? For example if I wanted to conceal breasts (male and / or female), the armour piece would adapt a theme-fit censoring fragment over breasts no matter which tier it is. I love censorship when it is done in a smart way. Such that doesn’t break the immersion.

Whenever I have a choice, I go with uncensored versions (mainly coz the others are unimaginatively processed). However I do recognise effort and imagination so in case the censorship is done the smart way, i.e. without breaking immersion, there’s a chance that I come to actually love both versions. If or when this happens, I can honestly say that I’m proud about the level of censorship. :grin:

Agree, I love the immersion also.

the lore of the game together with the nudity dlc and the settings should determinate all.

I told about the darfari chestwrap for instance, but when I look through available armors, there are very often some kind of chestwraps used for female chars. In many cases it would look much better without this. The chestwraps might be part of the armor.

I have an idea relating this. it uses a mechanism that is already ingame, the coloring system. It would need only a transparency option for these loincloth-components of an armor to zap them out. this will not be too much work to be implemeted. This could be dependend on the nude settings of the game/server.

But not to forget the thread-theme: Make loincloth availavle as wearable/craftable clothing please.

thank you :slight_smile:

Alright, so yeah, encountered the chest wrap on a bearer thrall. And like the loincloth, you take it off, it loses visibility. Put it back on, it doesn’t re-appear. The current state of loin cloths and chest wraps is just broken. Please, Devs, fix these small armor (even as 1 or 0 armor value) items for the sake of immersion.

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