Thrall chest wraps and loincloths are invisible on characters

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: Official server
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Thrall chest wraps and loincloths are invisible on characters.
There appears to be no way to ‘repair’ this clothing.

Bug Reproduction:

Capture a exile wearing a loincloth and chest wrap, then assign the clothing to the character. Notice that no loincloth or chest wrap is visible.


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I understand your concern, however…

Turn that very look into a monster build using the Thaumaturgy bench and stand outside on a pvp server waiting for the first unsuspecting person to come along and try to kill the “naked noob”.

Of course as time goes on there will be fewer unsuspecting people.

My go to thrall right now is a (male) bare chested berserker wearing the light dragon scale loincloth. I transform the headpiece to earrings and the chest is transformed redeemed silent legion.

I understand running around naked isn’t for everyone. I’m on console in North America so full nudity is a non issue.


Anyone know a sure way to get chest wraps in the game? I’ve found only bearers seem to have these on occasion. Most combat thralls get put into the regular rags when added to a wheel. Wish we could craft these items.

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The light dafari chest piece shows as bare chest on male thralls. Only the necklace shows.

Although running around in coarse rags also gives the appearance of a low level toon

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Yeah, I don’t want it for pvp. I just like how the chest wrap looks on females and makes for a cool shirtless look for males. I RP my clan as pirates, so it would be a nice illusion item.


lol, my main base is filled with characters from Cheers. Sam is back on the bottle and can barely stand up and don’t mess with Carla in the inkeeper outfit - her outfit might be a little deceiving. Dianne has given me opportunity to try out that new frilly ballerina armor. You won’t get a word in edgewise as she talks the ear off one of my smelters.

I’m not terribly familiar with conan lore so I improvise.


I’m pretty sure you got it close enough by the sound of it. :+1:


the wraps become visible if used in the Thaumaturgy bench

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I think I have some in a chest will have to try. Ps4 USA if it works probably won’t last long.

Maybe, maybe not @sestus2009. Remember a few weeks back when an update caused certain armor to be invisible? Anyone on console in North America could run around completely naked. Not surprisingly Funcom fixed that bug real quick, but not before I snagged one of those chest pieces and ran it through the Thaumaturgy bench. To my surprise it never reverted once the bug was fixed.

Now days I just use the light dafari top for my male thralls. I don’t mind that the necklace shows.

BTW, a curious thing happened with that bug. When I tried the invisible bottoms, I found my male thrall wasn’t actually born as a male. Or perhaps was, I’m not entirely sure which direction the transition was going. Again, I’m not well versed in Conan lore.

Either way, the screenshot was equally amusing as it was disturbing. I sent it to my son. His non response was uncharacteristically deafening. Perhaps I should have waited until he got home from work. I believe I deleted it at that point, I’ll have to check my PS4. Regardless, I have no intention of sharing it here.

Agree. Fastest patch in Funcom history I mentioned at the time it would not last long. One of the mariner bottoms fun while it lasted. @Phloid

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I was editing my post as you were typing. Have a look at what I added. Do you still have those bottoms in a chest somewhere?

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My Greek buddy said we had a thrall who should have been a ■■■■ star didn’t ask for a screen shot. :roll_eyes:

I am afraid not. Plus playing on several servers. But I will have to check into it. Only made them after reading on Forum. Glad you mentioned your edit thought my brain finally crashed.

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My clanmate had them… it was pretty funny when she tried to use them the first day. In fact her entire outfit was invisible and she was running around nude. Lol…

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Yeah, as a male, it’s pretty cool. As a female it will sometimes glitch, but usually not and actually shows. That’s the look I’m going for… the ability to use the wraps as intended for females and invisible for males.

Anyway, as a follow up, we built an outpost nearby the den. I found a dancer, but she didn’t actually have them on her apparently. Then I found a bearer and that one worked. It’s gonna be an uphill battle, but I suspect we’ll get a few in this location.

If you’re playing on PC, there’s a mood that lets you craft chat wraps and look cloths.

Nope. PS5.

Unfortunately. Of course when I discovered that the wraps were invisible I tried to use them as an illusion to hide my armor, but the wraps and loincloth become visible again as illusion items. Bah humbug.

Since visually they are the same model as the character’s standard underwear, I suggest they should follow the nudity settings. So if a player doesn’t want to see swinging body parts and keeps nudity off, the wraps and loincloths would show normally.

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