Coarse Tunic Displayed on Topless Thralls

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all of my thralls are topless, men and women, but at random thralls will look as though they are wearing the coarse tunic. Also “Beri” the Nordheimer BS has been wearing the tunic also; not the ones I have already captured but any new Beri I see is. The thralls are not wearing the tunic (armor slot is still empty) so I have to go in with a chest piece and then re-remove the armor to get it the way I had it, but eventually they or another thrall will now appear to be wearing the tunic (One law I live by, never trust a man wearing a tunic).

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1.remove tops from thralls
2.wait for bug
3.pound fist in anger
4.pray to Crom

Hey @Guidman64

We’ll make sure to send note to the thrall union about their working dress code and how some of their members are sneaking shabby tunics to their work environments.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Additional information: the same happens with all pieces of coarse clothing. An NPC who comes with basic coarse clothing occasionally recovers a visual impression of some pieces of clothing even if we confiscate their original outfit and leave them with none. Shirts, handwraps, footwraps and trousers.

As Guidman64 reported, this doesn’t actually produce additional items of clothing, it’s just a cosmetic overlay over their unclothed body. If you give them an actual item of clothing to wear and then remove it, they revert to nudity, but eventually they may reclaim their illusory pieces of coarse clothing.

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There seems to be a temporary fix to this. If you equip clothing and then remove it, they will appear without clothing again, as was stated. You then put them into follow mode without any clothing equipped. You can then place them back into guard mode where you wish. The clothing will no longer appear on them when you log back in.

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Thanks for that, Fayn, I miss my mammaries.



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