New Necklaces for Chest Armor

Hello Funcom Brains

So it occurred to me today while doing the chores around my base that I’d like to work in the yard without a shirt on, but would still like to wear chest armor. But currently the only way to do that at the moment is to wear Dafari necklace.

Which made me realise that us fellas have very limited options with necklaces.

Funcom can you make a variety of necklaces designed for males please?

It would make working in the hot sun much better, plus we can work on our tans!



Have you tried the chest wrap item? You can get those from thralled female Bearers. A male character wearing that should look bare-chested.

Curiously, if you put the item on female thralls, the chest wrap (which is the same model as the default underwear) follows your nudity settings, so it disappears if you have partial/full nudity on. Unfortunately, if you use the chest wrap as an illusion for chest armor, it becomes visible. So no topless armored females. (I was so disappointed that I actually neglected to test the illusion item on a male character. Sorry.)

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