Roleplay Clothing DLC

As much as I love the model of DLC adopted to Conan Exiles, I think we could use a DLC focused on clothing (not armor) more variety of clothings for thralls, priests and dancers would be very welcome!

There used to be another suggestion similar to this one, I could not find it cant remember the exact wording on the tittle.


If this would fall through, it’d honestly also be a good idea to consider making the “style/outfit slots” that the Fashionist mod adds, standard to the game… Admittedly, it’d make the mods own basic thing sort of redundant, but still :slight_smile:

I’d happily pay a few bucks for extra pieces of clothing just so I could decorate my non-combatant thralls better.

And hats! I want hats! Not helmets, not turbans, not earrings or headbands. Hats!


this would be so fun! i love to dress in whatever when just farming resources near a base and not planning on taking on any bosses.

As much as I like the idea of cosmetic clothing, I think it dosent fit the game or theme of the world. People must see what you are actually wearing.
I see no problem with having some clothing with not attributes boni. Sometimes I even play without the armor torso, after all this is a Conan game!

That’s only necessary for PvP servers and could easily be solved by having a toggle in the server settings (much like Fashionist has admin commands to disable/enable certain features). The toggle would be off for official PvP servers and on for official PvE servers.

Something I’ve always wondered about this arhument that PVPers must be able to see what you’re wearing - is there a visual difference between noob armor and epic armor of the same type? As in, can you tell if someone’s wearing a normal Hyrkanian Raider armor or an Epic Flawless Hyrkanian Raider armor? On my single-player game I can see no difference, is it different on a PVP server? Because I’d imagine that the difference in effectiveness between the two armors is not insignificant from a PVP point of view.

Anyway: currently the “merchants” in my city are wearing various pieces of Shemite, Relic Hunter, Zingaran and basic clothing because those look like clothes, but there’s only so much variety among those options, and I’d love to have more so I could make my city look even more alive. Even if it may set my computer on fire. It can handle the 100 thralls I currently have within the ~40x60 foundation block area… but more people would be better.

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