Why it's not possible to Style Gear and Weapons like the Mod "Fashionist" does by default?

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The Actual Way you integrated DLC Styles is not really usefull for me and i think also for many other people.
It feels like “RP Content only” becasue most of the Weapons and Armors are mostly useless if you play Endgame Content.

An Example is the “Conan’s Royal Armor” and only exists as “Standard” (non Exceptional & non Flawless) Version.
Also it is not very nice to restrict Payed DLC Styles to Zones (Temperaure depending) and Attributes!
This Combination breaks everything and make DLC’s very unattractive.

If there would be a Possibility to Style my Gear like i want to, everything can change and also your DLC Sell Rate may increase in that case :wink:

The Mod “Fashionist” is a very nice idea but i personally do not like Mods very much, i like to play Vanilla style in most cases and it should not be that difficult to integrate this Feature by Default, especially there is already a Mod :wink:



The reason (which I personally disagree with) is that they wanted to ensure “what you see is what you get”, supposedly because for PVP reasons.

Your request is possible the single most popular one (in some form or other) through the lifetime of Conan Exiles, so while I support this one too, I think most of us veterans have given up on it - it’s not going to change (except for mods, which is an option for some).

As Mikey said, Funcom wants to have our equipment give PvPers the necessary visual information to know what their opponents are wearing. I kinda-sorta understand that policy… but it already breaks apart because we have normal, exceptional and flawless variants of the same armor in regular and Epic tiers, so any piece of fighting gear you see can have six different stat lines. (Or it may be a legendary piece of equipment that has the same graphical model as a piece of regular gear.) So the reasoning behind the policy is already invalidated by existing features.

Taking an example from another MMO game, Runescape gives players the option to use whatever visual overlays they want for their characters - but the overlay is disabled when the player enters a PvP zone. In Conan Exiles this would mean that the overlays would be disabled during PvP times (which on some servers would be 24/7). I’ve no idea how hard it’d be to program. (Yes, a mod exists, but the same feature would need to be made for consoles, too, so simply copy-pasting code from the mod wouldn’t work.)

Ideally, the game would have different sets of “rules” for PvP and PvE servers, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

It makes no real difference what a player is Wearing becasue the Attributes can also be changed anyway and also all the Buffs and Elixirs (especially in PvP) can make a huge difference, so this is no excuse.

Overall it’s EXTREMELY unfair and unbalanced to “favor” a Player with a DLC’s especially in PvP anyhow!! :face_vomiting:

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