DLC Content - More Clothes

While I’m happy with all the things in the DLC, I’m disappointed that any sort of unarmored clothing is not included. If there were some Khitan style RP clothes included, I’d feel much better about throwing more money at you guys. While I appreciate all the decor and other RP items, and the armor looks great!, I still would have liked some unarmored clothes in the style of the Zamorian, Relic Hunters, etc.


Same here, I am getting the DLC, and I would rather have more clothes, torches, rugs, and decorative items, than instead, what seem to be lvl 60+ balanced items. At least, for a cosmetic DLC, not that I wouldnt like a DLC to expand endgame, but so far it looks more like that.

Armour is ur clothing no? Or do u mean skins to hide ur armour? Skins i can’t see happening simply as u wouldnt know what ur fighting in pvp

Knowing what you’re fighting unless mods are used is irrelevant. Assume everyone is using a STR/VIT build who acts aggressively. And those who don’t are usually ENC build.

No one uses ACC in PVP without an archery mod enabled.

No. He means armor that looks like clothes rather than looks like armor like Zamorian dancer, relic hunter, shemite, and so on.

Yeah, cuz Lemurian Armor is so good at insulating against cold… Keeps your naked skin nice and warm.
Godda show that to the world as to not challenge poeples suspension of disbelief.

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