Include Clothing Culture DLC Packs

I’m loving the idea of culture packs as a base for the current DLC but I would like to see non armor wearables aka clothing included. A single outfit per culture would add a lot of options for role players and people who like to deck out their thralls.


OMG YESSSS ALL OF THIS! Seriously, please!

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Agree, I thought light armor would be this but its more on the armor side. Please consiser adding at least one outfit.

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Yes, this would be a major boon for us roleplayers. I’d also love to have more stuff like the eyepatch and the freebooter peg legs, not just simple clothing.

At minimum one of each armor class for every culture for heat and for cold would be nice.

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Absolutely agreed. Why this isn’t part of the culture packs I have no idea.

With the upcoming DLC PLEASE do both long full length togas and short ones for clothing. And pretty circlets similar to the Royal Lemurian head piece.

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DLC seems unfinished, chinese dress or samurai (silk) outfit whould be a great incetivee for purchase, atm seems a bit short of content (no themed beds n more)

Well I will not buy any further DLC. without armor for different temperature it is uncomplete for me. The cold-zones is not nearly 1/4 of the map. Khitain is cold protection only. The DLCs are made for cometics well question why they dont have more hair and beard options and a mirror to change apperance.

That is a little bit to thin for my taste.