We need a vendhayan dlc pack

I really want to make a bindi and sari outfit for the vendhayan character I create


We need lots of new culture packs! :wink:


The clothing options in game are somewhat sparse. Altho several light armour sets do resemble clothes rather than combat gear.

There are numerous player represented people’s who have no gear or only one sidenote on an otherwise mediocre legendary weapon.

This one does wonder how much revenue they make from the culture packs?

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I’d be happy to see more “civilian” style clothes, especially if we could dress our crafter thralls. The same apron+coarse trousers on everyone is so boring. (Well, there is at least some variation in the trousers fashion between factions, but mostly all we see is the colorless apron.)

The Vendhya DLC pack could include both the cultured Vendhyans as well as some of the tribal Himelian fashion and placeables. I would much rather have had something like this instead of the non-canonical Yamatai.


I have been requesting this pack since the Savage Frontier came out. Fingers crossed

I can only agree.
There are still so many cultures that could be brought to life in Conan.
I’m looking forward to what’s coming with Update 3.0.
And whatever comes after that.

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ru indian?

No. I am Vendhayan…

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And Stygian and many more packs…

I’ve been wanting this for a long time, for personal reasons. Fingers crossed something comes with 3.0.

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