Choose dance of the trall (and more)

Reduce the minimum distance between slaves, more clothes to dress slaves, be able to choose the dance of our slave slave dancers, more possibilities to interact with slaves, possibility that they talk a little, perhaps making some request of need, like food … ?, more variety of faces and bodies.


Im all for the ability to choose which dance our Dancers perform and more provocative attire.


This! Nearly every Conan story I read, or even character profiles describe sheer veils and next to nothing. Sheer clothing for dancers would be a nice touch.


More varieties as in less clothing??? It would be nice if each tribe of Exiles had a different dance or different dance styles for tier

I’m keen for more clothing. Would like to see clothing packs added, and I’d be happy to pay for them. A mix from all races.

Currently, the best clothing option in the game for my Vendhyan villagers is the Zamorian dancer outfit. Even with that, there’s a spider on the bracelet, which I’m sure is for Zath, the spider god of Zamora.

So would definitely love to see more options.


More clothing options for dancers would be great. Maybe even push out a complete War Dancer set? Flawless versions as well? That would be great too.

I’d like to amend that we get more intricate dye options on clothing and armor as the current system doesn’t truly allow for variation. It applies too generally when it should allow us to bring out the details in certain clothing and armor more.

A slider to adjust their features, both face and body is always appreciated.

Being able to have more dance options as well as more control over what dances we see would be great. I’d really like a way to start or stop the animation too.


Choosing the dance of entertainers would be fun!^^
I mean I’m on the exiles for pvp, but that would be fun.


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