A thing of beauty!

As usual I have a entertainment area aka strip-club in my base. As I ready for another exploration run I see something odd…my dancers aren’t doing the standard mosquito hop but sniff dance maneuver!

I stand awestruck with tears of adulation as I bare witness to them doing the snake dance among others (cant remember the name)

(dancers will soon be outfitted in derketto garb, sorry for the inconvenience…)

I just want to say @Funcom thank you so very much for making the dancers cycle through all the dances, for a long time I wanted a way to choose what dance they should do but I find this “compromise” even better! Thank you so so much for this small but extremely welcome addition!!!

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If I remember correctly they now do both the Snake dance and the Belly dance. Perhaps there are some other ones too, but I am not certain. But man I am sooo glad to see this change. It seems like most people either havent noticed it, or are just preoccupied with other features. Funcom listened and delivered…thanks peoples! :raised_hands:


Did notice.

Best solution, in my view, would be to choose their dance based on their ethnicity (Stygian, Cimmerian and so on) or faction (Reluc Hunters, Lost Tribe and so on). That would add another “collectible” dimension.


Perhaps make emote dances “teachable” to our entertainer thralls. That would make collecting emote dances desirable, too. (Set which dance you want an entertainer to do from those “learned” by the entertainer – 1 native dance + whatever emotes the player has collected).


Many people have mods changing dancers’ behavior :wink:


Maybe the tier should matter.
T1. Race specific
T2 T1 + 1 random
T3 Random
T4 Player choose 1 specific or Random

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Great idea :ok_hand:

Yup, the joys of mods. (this thread confused me until I remembered that’s the reason I probably hadn’t noticed, lol).

Edit: obviously, not an option for those on console or official servers, but at least it might explain why fewer players notice.

This is a really great idea. Not only does it allow the changing of what dance they perform, but it adds a whole extra layer of reward to the emote ‘quest’. And it doesn’t negatively impact those that aren’t interested, because they still have a functioning dancer, they just don’t get to reset the dances, which they weren’t going to do anyway. (Though I imagine it might be an issue on Siptah, given that the dances are locked behind something (heck if I know what, I’ve never seen a single one…).)

I believe Funcom have talked about planning to make thralls more interactable - hopefully maybe they’ll consider something along these lines as part of it :slight_smile:

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I wish they had a dance stance (with the dances to choose from) but I also like the idea of them knowing only one dance and us teaching them more (or choosing not to teach them a specific one).

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I’d like to find emotion scrolls and “feed” them to my dancers. Emotions are completely useless in SP now…

Now you need to get “Nimbletoe” :slight_smile:

Aye. But us poor sods on consoles have been stuck the same old upside down but sniff dance since lauch time. We have literally been holding out for this one Ko6ka. An Admin option for ‘Default Dance’ would have helped private servers and singleplayers such as myself. But Funcom probably have other things higher on the priority list. However, Funcom if you reading this and have some free time, this would make for a fantastic little QoL addition.


Thanks everyone for all the responses and great ideas, as I am sure many of you know the request to be able to “teach” or toggle which dance the entertainers perform from your own library of emotes has been asked for many times before. And as I have said above in my OP this feels like a great “compromise”.


There is a workaround! I spotted this video from mr @Wak4863 also expressing his gratitude for the welcome change and made a video showcasing how to get a dancer to perform a specific dance…

So there we have it. :heart_eyes:

Oh and @SirDaveWolf miss Nimbletoe is the one strutting her…stuff in my screenshot :rofl:

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