Snake and Belly dance for entertainers please

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Seems like Entertainers (dancers) only have 3 types of dance, even if they are capture doing a different one, for example snake dance.
Can you make them to perform Snake and Belly dance or even more dance moves. Please



This is more of a suggestion than a bug or an update, but yes would be cool, perhaps even if players could set a dance for the dance to use

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I think it could be categorized as a bug. The moderators will decide if it’s a bug or if it should be moved.

I too would like to see these dances done by captive thralls. They do know it in the wild so there is no reason why they should always be doing the river dance.

Is it intended that tamed thralls forget the more sensual dances?


I second that motion!
This weekend I convinced a couple of T3 performers from Sepermeru to perform at my base because I watched them dancing the snake dance.
Such a surprise to place them at my base and watch them dance all traditional dances but the snake they were doing.

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Ikr. I fought all 3 in the tavern just to get the snake one just to find out that I hit her too hard with the truncheon and she had forgotten her dance.


It is disappointing to hire dancers away from the bar who are skilled in the Snake dance, only to have them start running in place in the club.

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It would be simply better if thralls, after being captured, keep doing some random movement (emojies) like they do when they are free.
After captured they became all immobile mannequins, even animals forget how to crouch ^^

Hey @ieorlich

We’ve send your heads-up to our team for consideration, although we have a hunch this is done to optimize memory.
Thanks for your feedback.

In that case. I would advocate that they forget the river dance and be given memory of the belly dance as it is my preference. :+1:


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