Choosing dancing thralls dances


You should be able to pick what dance your dancing thralls do. Even if they only have a small amount of known dances, and you could only cycle through them with crude mechanics, it would be better than everyone doing some russian jig.


Agreed, it would be nice if we could teach entertainers dances we’ve learned and then set which one(s) they should perform, if only to stop the noise of them all doing the Aquilonian Stomp!


Yeah I want that too.






Yes please! :slight_smile:


That would be awesome.


I definitely agree


I am all for this. I want my throne room T3 dancer to be a belly dancer not can canning


I would like to see the guards walking for a small area too, pre-stablished or not.


I think it would also be cool if you could set Entertainer thralls to play instruments, like the harp.


That is a great suggestion which I think the majority would be absolutely happy about, these 3 standard dances they all dance is getting so old and annoying, but why stop there…

An option to select an emote for a thrall, sit and eat by a table, sleep, stand in a guard position, walk around in a limited space, make conversation with each other, such little things would make the home base feel so much more alive and believable, best thing is all the animations are already in the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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