Dancer Thrall Dance selection

Would there be a way to implement a way to select the dancer thralls dance animation? if there is it would be cool to be able to change the dance pose to any if possible even just standing normally. i think it would be a cool little tidbit to have all Stygian doing the snake dance.


Or make each dancer dance it’s native racial dance instead of one generic dance.

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I captured a bunch of dancers from set city because they were doing this belly dance kind of dance. (don’t really know what it’s called)

Only to find out they reverted to the same default dance every other dancer does. I was very disappointed to say the least.

This would indeed be a nice addition to the game…

I would like a belly dancer thrall. lol

The dances the dancers do are TERRIBLE. We really need to be able to select the dances they do! PLEASE give us that ability! Also SLOW DOWN the bellydance! It’s way too jittery! You can slow it down using Thespians in the Pippi mod and it looks sooooo much better.