Unlock the Snake Dance for our Entertainers

I’m sure this has been suggested before, but I’d like to revive it again. I beleive our dancers should have all dances available, including the belly and snake dance.

The dancers in Conan’s bar can snake dance, why not our thralls?

Perhaps a new purge thrall? One that only knows the snake or belly dance? It would give us something else to work for, another rare commodity in the exiled lands.


Agreed, however I will go you one better Arsenalcontrol. We should have the ability to choose which dance our Dancers do period, and to cycle between them. Be it in their interact menu or Admin Panel.


I like this idea. Though you can change their dance by making them follow you for a moment, and then replace them. But server reset usually resets their dance as well.


Did someone say…Purge Thrall. :heart_eyes:


I have always thought that it would be nice to have an option to select which dance your entertainers do, perhaps made available as you discover new dances in the exiled lands. I’d like a Haka line in my courtyard to frighten away trespassers and ne’er-do-wells!

But new purge thralls each representing various dances would be a nice feature! Something new to work towards is always welcome.


No, never. Why do we learn all those dances all over the world?! If I know this dance or emotion I’ll teach my Thralls.


I keep hearing rumbles of a thrall rework, if true, it’d be great if you could either

A.) Select which dance each dancer performs


B.) Dancers use their native dance


NO! You can’t take away the joy I feel when I sit back, relax, and watch my dancers clomp around like spastic horses. Who doesn’t like a good riverdance? Yes, I know there is no such thing as a “good” riverdance, but why in the world would I go through the trouble of finding a dancer known as Luscious, or Seductress, if I can’t watch them perform the least sexy dances in the history of mankind? I mean, nothing says Lithe like a war dance. That’s a move even Imps can do.


We both know that her name is less then fitting. My disappointment is immense.



I am not aware of any Purge dancers to date that are spawning on Official. So I would love to see this happen. :raised_hands:t2:

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them hipbones look like door knobs

What kind of doors are you using. :yum:

Big thumbs down for purge only, as in official purge timers are family non friendly. I would like to have my dancers perform snakedance to damn it.


not that kind ;] …girl looks all sharp, like shes gonna gimmie a papercut.

Completely agree with that. But I would go a bit further and not only choose dances but other stuff, like sitting on benches, louging on carpets and so on.


You nailed it. We need all this lol.


That would be Ideal as I have a Bar built in one of my homes Different chosen dances N sitting on Benches so they can play Chess or whatever Lounging on carpets would be Awesome I have a Band area setup so it would act as a Bar sorta Strip Joint in game where I can setup to give all who come drinks :slight_smile: and of course AND SO ON
I just happen to Have my Spiderman suit on as I can climb from one end East of the world to the West end of the world with my new armor addons


Yes to this whole thread! By Crom, I want an army of dancers doing the war dance! and all of my big boobied hot mamas lounging on my enormous bed!

I hope this thread catches some attention, as this whole topic seems to be a frequent one brought up and unanimously agreed upon. I’d have to say though, with the dlc including so many emotes and the thrall overhaul coming, I can feel this wish becoming a reality.

I hope we’re making enough noise! lol

P.S. read “The Black River” by Robert E. Howard to get into the spirit of things


I got a response to this one time long ago that the dances were limited to a couple to conserve on memory. I’m all for throwing out the river dance and replacing it with snake or belly dances. Either are more appealing to me then the ones that they currently perform.

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Why not be able to have the entertainers use the drums too? Or other musical instruments. Have the dance match the music. Personally I’m tired of killing all the male dancers I come across. Now equipping a lute or mandolin so my lady Big Boobies can swing those hips… yes please.