My dancers don't do sexy dance


I play singleplayer, and I built my base in the north near the New Asagarth. I made several trips to the desert where I brought back a dancer, the dance she did didn’t satisfy me and I thought that the dance corresponded to the ethnicity of the dancer.

So I brought back a jungle dancer, a “Lemurian”, because I saw that she was doing a sexy dance that corresponded to the atmosphere I wanted to have for relaxation area for my warriors (They have a swimming pool too)

However, after an hard journey to bring her back, I notice that she’s doing exactly the same dance as my desert dancer.

I don’t understand, because I tried to make it follow me, it changed dance, but it never fell on the sexy dance.

Does anyone know how to have this dance ? The other dances are really boring.

Thanks !

I feel you, man. They all have the same dance, sorry.

Anh it’s really sad…

I hope they will improve this point. I really like the Thralls system, it would be cool if they add functions to allow them to patrol, or things to add life to our bases.

And then more sensual dances too…

I would suggest using the admin panel. Add thralls of each type of dancer to your inventory. Then place them in some remote location noting which dancer you place where. Once you figure out what dance you like, spawn multiples of thst for your base.

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All of the dancers make 2 types of dances, the one where they circle around and the one where they jump on their back. Some dancers make different dances before you capture them, but when you place them they have this kind of dances, so no sensual dances like belly dancing or snake dancing.
You can use mods or wait for the devs to address this decision (it’s not a bug, it’s intended). If the issue is to not oversexualize entertainers, with all nudity present in the game I think it’s a non-issue.

I really like the male dancers and their moves. I wish they would get more sexy dance moves, you know. Just asking for a friend.

Oh cool. I hope this will come fastly. I searched some mods but there is just one mod but which is outdated :frowning:

Yeah, it’s the Conan universe, nudity is omnipresent, that artists have sensual dance seems in agreement with the universe.

It would be nice to add musicians for a more festive atmosphere !!!

I really wish they would include an option to dance with the dancers together. An option in their menu that says “Dance together” And possible get a sorta buff for awhile from this.

I’ll look into making a mod for this tonight. Can’t be that hard to swap the anims on dancing thralls. It’ll likely just be the simple emote dance on loop though. The only mod for this on steam uses different dances and it introduces a gradual translation to the dancer. I don’t like that they are all over the place when i return to my base.

it would be nice to have musical thralls to put together with the dancers. It is very monotonous to see dancers without music.

Its a few days late but here is a link to the mod.

It simply just replaces all the thrall dances with the belly dance, nothing special. It was my first mod so I didn’t try anything complicated. I may add more to it later if there is enough interest.


feels bad man

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