Thrall Dancer's Dances Varied by Race or by Player Option

Fairly self-explanatory. Why do all the thrall dancers have the same ridiculous dance…??? Our characters can go out and learn all sorts of new dances, like a war dance and a belly dance to name offhand. I want some belly dancers, or some other seductive dance option for my thralls, not the same uniform, weird hop and twirl dance for all of them.

I see two solutions: (1) have each race trained in a different style of dance; and/or (2) allow players to set what kind of dance their dancers will perform – perhaps linked to which dances the player has learned.


ah yea. most of the dances are…really bad.


I would also like to see this added to the game. At the very least, it would great if the dancers did the same dance they were doing when captured.

Agreed, would like that too.

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I created a mod that changes all thralls to use the belly dance and then slowed the play rate down by 20%. It was too fast for my taste. You can find it on the Steam Workshop Its called SensualDancers I think. You’d think i’d remember the name of my own mod…

So it doesn’t allow you to choose the dance, but it seems like it at least addresses the core complaint, wanting a seductive belly dance for thralls.

Lol, I had all but forgotten about this thread :wink: Sounds like your mod is at least one fix for PC :slight_smile: Unfortunately, on PS4 there are no mods, at least not yet.

I’d still like to see FunCom give us the option to select which dances our thrall dancers perform.


Ya, would be a nice option. I feel bad for them actually. I know what its like to work on a small team of game devs and have all these big plans for your game, but not enough resources to make it happen.

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This would be a very nice option to see - it would add more distinction between entertainer thralls. If you e.g. needed to get a Stygian or Relic Hunter or Votary (because dances could also be based on faction) dancer to see a Serpent Dance, that makes more variety among thralls through what is (probably, hopefully) a relatively small change.

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Its not difficult. The AI runs a little bit of logic you can get to through Kismet scripts. It makes some random choices for anims and then plays them. All you have to do is get access to the thrall race and possibly ■■■ and then perform your conditional logic. One of their programmers could likely do the work in an hour or so, and that is leaving room for any unforeseen issues.

would like the option of choosing a dance, and, perhaps, also selecting a chain/cycle of dances for dancers to perform. So they change what they’re doing periodically, and not just when the map is loaded.

Oh yes please, let u change the dance by our wishes

Enough people have asked for this, I think I’ll just make the mod. I know that doesn’t help everyone, especially consoles, but its better than nothing. I should have it done this weekend at some point.


Thank you! Even having them randomly cycle through dances would be ok.

Very generous of you! :slight_smile: Wish we could mod PS4. Perhaps one day. Cheers.

Well, if I do a good job with it, maybe Funcom can just roll the mod into the game. Obviously they are plenty capable of adding the functionality. I’m sure it’s just a matter of finding the time to do it.

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First pass of the mod is done and uploaded. Thralls have dances by races. I’m working on the second part where you can change the dance in game through interaction.

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I think would also be cool if we could assign a few poses. Such as sitting or laying. I’m guessing any dance will get old when its endless

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