Missing Entertainer Thrall Dances once (Tamed/Tortured)

Game mode: [Online/Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Any]

Entertainer Thralls will not dance in accordance to their own regional and or (ethnic/racial/cultural) Dance.
If Entertainer Thralls are by design, suppose to have the ability to change between any, and all (Dances); They do not cycle and or rotate the Snake Dance into their randomly assigned Daces.

The Snake Dance will, however, be seen by untamed AI Entertainer Thralls, and once tamed, will lack randomly cycling or selecting this Snake Dance

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Select a tamed (successfully tortured) Entertainer Thrall
2.Place them to stand and guard an area, they will begin to randomly choose a dance
3.Repeat step 1 & 2 until you are content that all dances seem to have been cycled through (including the snake dance) and begin to repeat (may take multiple attempts).
4.The Snake Dance will never be seen no matter how many times step 3. is administered.

Hello @BasicallyBane, welcome to the forums!

The entertainer thralls are currently working as expected, as in they’ll pick between the same sets of predetermined animations, possibly due to performance constraints. In any case, we’ll be registering your feedback in this regard for the developers to consider.

Thanks for acknowledging my post/report and registering the feedback with the appropriate party.
When you say working as expected, I couldn’t imagine it was left out on purpose just due to an untamed thrall being tamed; since It seems this feature diminishes game lore.

Theoretically how long and when would this kind of thing be addressed? Would I receive an answer or would this be something to keep looking for in upcoming patches/patch notes?

Unfortunately we’re unable to provide any ETA’s, should the developers consider and implement any suggestions they are very likely to be included in future patch notes, thank you for understanding!

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