Turanian DLC? next one?

When a DLC based on Turan? Art is awesone:

Also maybe Erlik god?

My inner viking wants a Nordheimer dlc, with decorations.


Celtic, with bards and druids please :sunny:


Vendhyan DLC. The Vendhyans have w Indian, Middle Eastern feel living in the jungles. Vendya also tends to be known for its sorcery and amazing clothiers and silk armor making.

I know we dont have sorcery at the moment but Vendhya has a number or gods and goddesses each with a duality.

So many possibilities for interesting glass placeables as they were also master artisans with glass blowing.

It wouls be so interesting.

Also my character is a proud Vendyan lol

100x yes. My biggest complaint with CE is that 2/4 DLCs have been Eastern themed.

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I know many people on my roleplay-server, who would buy such a dlc. My personal order is: Kush, Turan, Nordheim.

I really hope they reconsider several things in upcoming DLCs.

As mentioned, we need more variety, I still cant understand why 2/4 DLCs have been Easter Themed! The Yamatai was very similar to the Khitan, Funcom should have prioritized more different cultures before pushing the Yamatai.

We need T1 and T2 structures as well, why all DLCs are T3? We already have too many reskinned T3’s that work just the same. They should either make T3’s somehow work different or add other tiers! They lost a great opportunity to do that when the Pict DLC was released. It should have T2 structures, not T3. In terms of cultural development the Picts are far behind other cultures like Nemedia, Aquilonia and Stygia… there was absolute no reason to make Pict weapons/tiers and armor equal… they should offer other advantages or eye candy things, but not equal in quality!

We could really use smaller DLCs about certain notorious characters, not just cultural packs. Conan lore and movies are filled with characters could be brought into the game. These DLCs could offer new armors, weapons, voice and haircuts, maybe even new combat combos inspired in these characters!

Come on Funcom, make something different! Make something NEW!


Great to see you again, JJ!

We’ve had Khitan, Aquilonian, Pict and Yamatai.

Khitan DLC brought in my Asian brothers and sisters, Aquilonian satisfied Aussies and Seppoes alike, Pict was simply there to placate my Indian heritage :wink: , and Yamatai makes the crossover Sony fan tingle with delight. I would love to see a female-tribute DLC, for example the Amazons*. Maybe they take over the jungle in direct opposition to whatever dated rave-based religion the Witch Queen would rather die for. I mean laser light shows are so 1988.

* (Amazons are mentioned at least once in the lore as “below Stygia.”)


…and the reason I don’t buy DLC’s anymore - piss poor content (lately). At the very least, not-so-FUN-COM, release a DLC with the same amount of content, if not more, than the preceeding DLC! …please.

Turanian heavy armor:


Erlik God:

Looking at how the developers are moving, I think in the near future will be even more

Whatever it comes next, Turan, Nordheimer, Amazon, or even Hyrcanian, FC should finally add an acc light/medium for cold resist, because the Hyrcanian heavy have no use at all, pitty, such a nice set, should be medium armor.

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