Turan DLC is coming


Is that the Arab/Turkish-inspired one? Either way, I really really really hope it includes placeables this time.


I hope too. I prefer placeables items than animals skins


Turan in age of conan:


i hope its crafted with insultaed and black ice, not hardened brick…

And an other “hot Biome” DLC… -.-
“Hope dies last” for a Vanaheim / Asgard - DLC

But I think, this DLC will also contain some nice objects/component skins, like the other ones.


I think not, because of its geographical location (Center):


Yes, Turan should be based on persian/turkish culture. At least it is that way in the books.

And yes, new placeables would be good. I have no need for more pet skins.


I own all the DLCs. I have not a single time used any of the pet skins. While that may make me sound like the sucker (I bought the DLCs anyway didn’t I?), it did make me wait a LONG time before buying the latest one, and then only because I got it as part of a pack. While I’m sure there are those who enjoy the pet skins, it’s my belief placeables are way more popular.


Well, their statement regarding „no more placeables until further notice, because the living room toasters cannot handle them“ still stands.

The recent optimasions are just a start to make room to reconsider this, so I wouldn’t hold my breath this time.

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Sounds like me^^ I bought all DLCs but the Yamatai one took a while… I bought it, when it was on sale, because of the nicer looking Katanas.

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When did they say this? Not doubting you, just haven’t seen this one yet.

Anyway, while I’d normally be happy to buy that argument, it doesn’t make any sense when they keep shoving new building styles at us.

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The developers have stopped adding decorations and replaced them with pet skins in the current DLCs for two reasons:

  • They wanted to give mesh-artists a bit of a break; they have been working their butts off non-stop for quite a while.
  • Placeables take a lot more server/render memory than building pieces all things considered, and consoles were starting to creak under the pressure.
  • The core technology for instancing placeables does not work in the same way that it does for buildings. This by itself causes more drawcalls the more placeables you have put into the world.
  • In addition, most placeables have their own materials and textures, which take up additional space and memory. Pets, however, do not have these same limitations and are much easier on the memory performance on the server.
    Robtheswede hopes that they can do a bunch of optimizations and bring along some more placeables.

Here you go:


Turan isnt that big and not desert related…


so console downgrade game with:
-impossibility for mounts
-limitations with placeables

Consoles sucks, game would be better as pc exclusivity…


I will not disagree with that, but after all it is a business.

And Sony and Microsoft fund you some, when you fill their toasters with life.


Look at many games these days. Because of console ports, the PC version will be downgraded to MidRes quality. Even the controls lacks of comfort for most PC gamers.


  • Elderscrolls Skyrim
  • Elderscrolls Online
  • Fallout 4
  • Fallout 76
  • All Masseffects
  • X Rebirth
  • X4 Foundations
  • State of Decay 2

I will not disagree again.
But some of those games may have not been made if not for console funding support.
After all higher Sales thorugh consoles can carry a massive financial Benefit for the developer.

Do not get me wrong, I agree with you that making them with consoles in mind diminishes the quality of games.
And while this makes me angry, i would rather play Conan Exiles without placeables in DLCs and without mounts, then not play it at all.

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Thank you for the info. Well, if they want to continue selling DLC (at full price anyway) they’d probably better make fixing that placeables issue a priority.

But maybe the DLC sales numbers add up to something else, who knows. We can only really vote with our wallets anyway, the rest is empty posturing.

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Why not make some decorations only rendered on PCs? Some, not all of them, consoles would not struggle so much until something can be done about it…

Most placeables are small enough they cannot block a player path, it would be alright if some were not rendered on Consoles.