All the DLCs are missing a final touch : civilian clothes and jewelry

The DLC are all great! but like all Conan Exiles lovers, we always want more ! :yum:
And I find it unfortunate that the DLC does not include civilian clothing, and clothing / jewelry for dancers that are in the theme of the civilization. And why not a specific dance for each DLC as well ?


This makes me wonder if they have some king of gauge of what amount of assets should be included into a DLC to stay inside the price range. Like “we can add X assets. If we want to add jewelry, we must sacrifice some building blocks” or something.

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I agree, I love the dlc, maybe every once in a while introduce a civilian’s clothing pack that can include the last touches for these that you can purchase separately which will include these from each set of releases in groups. Also while we’re talking about this, I’d like a slot in the thrall stations where I could clothe my thralls to kind of match my base theme etc, and some more furniture for each civilization as well. Beds and the like. Adding these into the additional dlc would make it fair to the price, plus not everyone wants the extra pieces they just want the armors / weapons and building pieces etc… But for rpers it would be fun.


I was really hoping for a new wearable loincloth design as if you have full nudity you cannot see them even if you spawn in a wearable one, I also wanted a toga or some form of draped dress and a dancer dress like the one on the statue would be great

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Some more jewellery would be a godsend. Im always up for more sexy attire too. :yum:

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yes, it’s a very good idea to have a DLC for jewelry and civilian clothing. It allows, only those who are interested, to get it and the others have nothing to spend and it does not harm the balance of the game.
But it would still be great if the craft is developed with new trades (in a next update? We hope?)


Did you forget about the Derketo DLC? It most definitely had civilian clothing and jewelry for dancers. But to your point I agree that more would be a good thing.

I have that DLC too, but I want more costumes and jewelry. I’m literally built myself bases in every part of the world so that when I walk around I have a place that I can spawn complete with thralls to wait on me etc… But it’d be nice to have my dancers and such match my base.

I support this idea.

The day I stop asking for Khitan civilian attire at every opportunity is the day I die.

…Or, y’know, the day they actually give us some.

Preferably the latter, really.

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Yes I wish the aquilonians and argossean DLC had some Roman / Greek civilian clothing sets like a togas, chitons or tunics and so on.

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