Which has been your favorite Downloadable Pack so far?

Greetings Exiles and welcome once again to our Question of the Week!

Last week we released one of the most ambitious content patches to-date for the game introducing mounts, mounted combat, thrall leveling and mud running (too soon?).

With it we also released the last pack of the Year 2 Season Pass, Riders of Hyboria. This was also our 9th downloadable content pack released since launch back in May 2018, so we were wondering, now that the year is coming to a close, which one of them has been your favorite?

Which has been your favorite Downloadable Pack so far?

  • Y1 - The Imperial East
  • Y1 - Jewel of the West
  • Y1 - The Savage Frontier
  • Y1 - Seekers of the Dawn
  • Y2 - Treasures of Turan
  • Y2 - Blood and Sand
  • Y2 - Debaucheries of Derketo
  • Y2 - Riders of Hyboria
  • The Riddle of Steel

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You can select up to 2 choices, but you won’t be able to see other people’s votes until you’ve submitted yours!

As always, we’d love to hear int he comments below the reasons why you chose your option/s, or what you’d like to see as a future downloadable pack!


My two would have to be Debaucheries of Derketo and Riddle of Steel, for these reasons;

Debaucheries of Derketo
The addition of the new building part types (rope bridge, curtains, tavern parts, etc.) allow a lot more freedom in regard to the style of building I use. The Bejewelled set looks nice too, dye it grey for the closest you’ll ever get to the “bikini armour” look without mods, but it looks great dyed in a lot of other colours.

Riddle of Steel
The placeables just look great, especially when you have two of the large statues of Conan at the sides of an entrance of a castle or fortress.

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Jewel of West. hands down… (own it for both NA and PAL version of game)

That outfit… Muahahahhaha.

Granted, when they first showed dlc, was thumb nail, that made it seem like clothing outfit…(which turned out nothing like i wanted) But was happy for armor. (which I mix with climb gloves, and circlets now)

It Cost alot of money to flip NA to Pound, So I’ve only bought handful of DLC… so my oppinion is kinda bias, Causes its 7.99 in states, but costs about 14$ to get same value on Euro Store. -_-’

Also as silly as it is… That Chair made feel of my homes so much better.


Imperial East because, c’mon, being #TeamKhitai is kind of my thing.

Debaucheries of Derketo because it included new emotes, placeables, and casual clothing items. In fact I would happily shell out ten bucks for a DLC of nothing but casual clothing items, just sayin’.

Close third place would be Seekers of the Dawn, which would be tied for first if it had included Yamatai placeables instead of those pet skins I’ll probably never use. The other DLCS are all nice too of course (the Turanian stuff is especially gorgeous), but I just don’t use them nearly as often as I do the Khitan and Yamatai pieces to give them my vote.

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Firstly I think all the DLC’s are done extremely well visually. They all look amazing.

I voted for

  • The Savage Frontier
  • Blood and Sand

If I had a third vote I would have included Riders of Hyboria and for personal nostalgic reasons The Riddle of Steel.

I honestly hope there are many more to come and that some are as dark and brutal like my votes.

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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For me I love the regal, clean look of the Aquilonian buildings and furniture. The armors also have useful stats and they are climate appropriate.

Additionally, I’m fond of the new building pieces added in Blood and Sand and feel that they pair well visually with lots of other DLCs. Also the Battle Standards are a nice twist on PvE servers.


I like bits and pieces of every DLC but if I have to pick 2 only, I voted for:

Blood and Sand - This DLC is amazing, the building pieces, the armors, the weapons, it is the best DLC ever released and no other can even come close as second for me.

Savage Frontier - This will be my second. I love the armors, I love the pet skins (even though the pets are kinda useless still).

The Jewel of the West and Riders of Hyboria have my votes. I’d add Treasures of Turan if there was a 3rd choice.
Aquilonian and Turanian buildings pieces are those I use the most while building. I love the armour and weapons from Jewel of the West and Riders of Hyboria. Especially the knightly look of Poitain armours.
I haven’t used any Riders of Hyboria building pieces, yet. I’m still searching the right place on the map to build a ranch for my horses.

I love all of the DLC packs, but Blood and Sand, and Riders of Hyboria were by far my favorite for their building pieces and armor.

My third favorite was Debaucheries of Derketo, I really appreciate all of the nice placeables and relatively casual looking, period friendly clothing, something we don’t have much of in the game. I still think the women got the short end of the stick clothing-wise with Debaucheries; it’s like the tailors ran out of material after they had designed the men’s armor and clothing, but a lovely bit of content, none the less.

I do like Jewel of the West, but personally feel that the content/dlcs that followed it were superior, except for Riddle of Steel, that one needed a little more meat to it.

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Blood and sand combined with Riders of hyboria has the best looking building pieces i would ask for, i wish they had sloped roofs tough, but regular reinforced or black ice roofs looks nice on them too.

Turan is also beautiful, but as i roleplay a barbarian warrior, all those ornaments looks kinda out of place for my character, the black walls looks neat tough.

Debaucharies of darketo is also nice, i use it mostly to decorate my interiors and i loved the armor and cloth pieces, but, imo, it lacked of more weight compared to the others…

I don’t own any of the year 1 season, but i would, love to have jewel of the west and savage frontier.

Honestly, I have both purchased and thoroughly enjoyed them all DLCs thus far. I voted for the Debaucheries of Derketo and Imperial East packs, as these two had the most Placeables. I can never seem to get enough Placeables. However, I also wanted to make an important note. IF the Riddles of Steel pack had of included the rest of the items which many of us were clamouring for (eg- Conans fathers sword and Valerias valkyrie armour), it would have trumped them all for me and won hands down.

If I had to pick a theme for an upcoming content pack, then I would like a Cimmerian DLC pack in 2020 pleeeaase!! :pray:


PS- oh…and a Crom DLC pack in 2020 too please!!

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


I chose Riders of Hyboria because I love mounts and it’s actually the first Downloadable Pack that I’ve experienced from the beginning!

Seekers of the Dawn and Imperial East are tied for first place in my books. Seekers would be hands down number one if it had placeables instead of pet skins. Fortunately I’ve got some nice Asian themed placeables in the Imperial DLC. Now we need a Yamatai race for our characters and a few Yamatai/Khitan NPCs!

The Riddle of Steel comes close behind, but could be higher if it included more items @Croms_Faithful suggested.

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Yes I do like and use all of them. I use Aquilonian building pieces just a bit more often, and Blood and sand has many new ones I plan to use for my new end-game base so I voted for them.

Also more head options so all the Yamatai and Khitan exiles can look appropriate without also all having the same face, just sayin’…

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How in the sweet jimmy-jams did I miss this part?

Oh right, I’d just woken up when I voted.

Well here’s what I’d like to see:

  • As previously stated, I’d shell out for a DLC with nothing but casual clothing sets in a heartbeat. Preferably in a wide range of cultural styles, so there’s something for everyone.
  • An all-weapon set would be cool too, just let the design team go hog wild with various cultural designs. Or an all-placeable set. Look, all I’m saying is that I won’t complain if you guys decide to branch out from the current “building pieces, armors, placeables/pet skins, warpaints” scheme.
  • More cultural sets. A Stygian, Shemite, Hyrkanian, Kush!te, or Vendhyan set would be especially cool.
  • Not really a specific theme but I’d also like to see the trend of armors based on Age of Conan designs continue.

All I wish for Christmas is …

Khitan one, perfect mix of really cool armors, building blocks and placeables. And arena one for the vaulted celings alone.
That being said, your artist are doing so much good work its hard to chose.