The DLC's are 25% off right now - which one is best?

  1. What’s the best DLC to get (besides Siptah of course)?
  2. Which one(s) do like the most and why?
  3. If you have to have only one, which one would it be?
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I like the one with Poitanian armor, as aside from being a huge fan of the light and heavy helmets (the rest of the armors are too out-of-setting for me) the building pieces are also super cool.

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I’m not even gonna try to say what the best one to get is, since that’s a really subjective thing and I have no idea what your (or the hypothetical other person asking this) preferences are. In terms of which ones I use the most, my favorites would still be Imperial East and Seekers of the Dawn, because I really like the aesthetics of a lot of traditional East Asian architecture and armor and stuff. On the other hand, I also really like Debaucheries of Derketo because it has emotes and some casual non-combat-oriented clothing options. And of course Riddle of Steel, because I grew up watching the '82 movie.

If I had to get just one, then I’d probably get Imperial East, 'cause I’ve been #TeamKhitai since Age of Conan.


Treasures of Turan!

Beautiful building pieces, awesome looking armor and weapons!

Great stuff for the desert in exiles lands.

But I must admit I have all the DLCs. Because I want it all!!!

Khitan and Yamatai for the Jungle, Aquilonian and Argossean for the noob area, Picts for the north, I actually like the poitainian armors, with good dyes they work well.

Oh and of course nemedian for northern castles.

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All of them. I believe you get an extra 10% bundle discount.


I’ll let everybody else talk about their favorites. My tip of the day is if you are a Humble Bundle subscriber, you can get an additional percentage off the DLC’s. Not all games let you do this on Humble Bundle (where in you get an additional percentage off on top of an existing sale), but Conan Exiles does.

This is what I see, for reference (Humble Bundle Keys are for Steam and Windows. I don’t know if Windows means the keys carry over to Xbox, but I assume it does).

Conan Exiles - 68%
Isle of Siptah - 36%
All DLC’s (Except for People of the Dragon) - 40%
People of the Dragon - 20%

Do you already own DLC’s but your friends don’t? Did you know that, unlike Steam, Humble Bundle doesn’t region restrict you from gifting it to your friends? (Steam blocks gift purchases if the price difference is past a certain point based on the region).

And if you are going to gift via Humble Bundle, the easiest is to just purchase for yourself and copy and paste the DLC key to your friends for them to active on Steam. If you go the “gift route”, then the email you input has to be identical to the one your friends login to Humble Bundle with, so keep that in mind. Happy DLC shopping!


I would go for the jewel of the west… A dlc with white foundations , that can be combined well with argossean (for later buy). I love the marble look aesthetics it has, i love the way radeon torches show their colour variants on the marble, and i trully love the giant statues (not too big as the argossean ones, but not to small like kingscourge, serpent men and khitan ones… ), the armours look ok ish (i would go for poitain or pictish for armours)…

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Its al preference really…

Love Khitan Floors and Roof Tiles (yama has slightly brighter roofs)
Love using Khitan floors under Torches/Fire Sources with wood floors.

Same Picture… Love Aquiolion Chair. I love Light Armor, design.

It is…top 3 faves of all games I’ve played.

Same pic… Love Tree Foundation, Allows for easy mini bases. And wall Placements.

Stables added some really great lattice parts, floor and roof pieces, Some great half walls. (thou my fave piece still doesn’t offer stability, making it VERY hard place…

There 3 DLC, I basiclly must have… Khitan… Love several of Desk, and paper wall and some of Building parts. I could live with out it.

Aqu, Mostly armor and chair. It Makes great Bath Houses. I can’t really live with out my armor.

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