Played the free weekend and like the Conan Exiles a lot. Have some questions

Hi everyone,

I really went crazy this weekend on the Conan Exiles Steam Free Weekend. I spent way more time than I planned.

The game impressed me for the most part even though I think its feats (UI/implementation) are a little stinky. :wink: I’m not here to debate that though.

Let me first tell you guys what I want to get out of the game and you can, hopefully, tell me if I should buy based on my criteria.

The things I think I’m going to be interested in are mainly based around single player and co-op servers. The way I see it now, I WILL NOT be using the anti-cheat servers because I don’t care about the PvP, or if I get grief from a cheater.

Toward the end if this weekend, in order to see a lot of the game fast, I frankly cheated me ■■■ off by tweaking the crap out of my local server.

I’ve see the initial game world and like it but want to know this …

Do the four DLC expansions vastly expand the game world for single play and co-op?

In other words, I’m wondering things like:

  • I really liked the places I visited so far (basically everywhere my bracelet could take me) but, are there lots more places to go see?
  • How much different stuff is there to do with the DLC?

I’m asking this in an attempt to determine if I want to (1) buy the 50% discounted game (2) buy 40% discounted game plus all DLC or (3) not buy it at all.

Option 3 is probably not likely, but I’m leaving it open.

Please give me you opinions based on how good the game will be for a potential single/co-op PvE player?


dlc’s are all cosmetic, only different color buildings, different style armors with the same stats, some extra placeables in your house. No additional map are in the DLC’s. Map is what it is.

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Depending on where you have been there’s either more to explore or even more to explore. For the notes on the map and any kind of expansions, read the wiki page: Map - Official Conan Exiles Wiki.

For more information on the DLCs and the decisions the devs have made with them, see: Downloadable Content - Official Conan Exiles Wiki.

I’ll let our fantastic players answer your questions and I just wanted to welcome you to our community. Glad you enjoyed the free weekend :slight_smile:

I’m mostly just piling on with the same information already given, but the DLC’s are cosmetic only. Anything stat was available in the DLC’s can be found in game.

The benefits of the DLC is the variety that is offered by them. They help with longevity in terms of keeping things fresh (new buildings, new armors and weapons to play with), and they all look really awesome (especially if you are a building fan).

These screenshots are kindy cheaty because he needed my mod to set up certain pieces, but Deaso took some awesome shots with stuff he built using Aquillonian back when it was just the Jewel of the West and Khaitain DLC.s

Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2.

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AS said before, the DLC’s are mainly cosmetic. There is a slight perk in that as you go thru the game, the epic versions are a little less cumbersome in crafting. Will let you figure out why on your own (nothing exploitive or anything). As for cosmetics, i prefer the newest Yamatai, as it has a nice cream stone look on the foundations. Walls not so much though. And 2 of the 4 let you add a variety to your pets look.

Thanks for the responses! One more question (set of related questions) guys.

How hard is it to find co-op servers which do not require the DLC? Does that significantly reduce my choices? Also, since I’m NOT going to play on the anti-cheat servers at this time (if ever), how mouch does that reduce my chances of finding good co-op (and PvP of I ever decide to care)?

Oh, here’s a reverse question but still related. If I buy the DLC can I still play with with people who don’t have it? I’m beginning to get the picture that DLC doesn’t restrict you choice of servers at all. Is that the case?

The DLCs are bound to accounts not servers, so you can play on servers or join someone’s Co-Op game without the DLCs. What needs to match between your game set up and server or Co-Op is player-created mods … you can’t join without your mod list matching the hosts mod list. There is now an automatic mod loader that you can activate in your settings so it checks for what mods are needed and loads them … once loaded it prompts you to restart the game with the new list and you will be able to join the server/Co-Op session.

Co-op games have some restrictions which seem annoying to me.
If you join someone’s co-op game then you can only play it when THEY are online to initiate the saved game and invite you to it.
When playing as Co-Op then the person who joined the host game is “tethered” to the host … if you get too far from then the game teleports you back to them. If the host dies and respawns far away from you then yes the tether command will teleport you back to them …
so a co-op game doesn’t seem like a good option … what id suggest you look for is a private server with settings that appeal to you and see if you like the people there. This way you can play the game whenever you like and are not restricted by the Co-Op tether.

Thanks guys. I really went overboard this weekend, learning as much as I could, but still didn’t get time to try co-op/online. I wish the free trial lasted for another few days. I’d know with a couple more evenings.

DLCs maybe cosmetic mostly. However the armor stats can be very rewarding.

For example I only bought the Frontier pict set because of pictish wizard light armor.

The one DLC I strongly encourage everyone to pick up is the Khitani one. Khitani Heavy Armor is the only Cold Weather Encumbrance gear in the game.

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