Hello - is this the Conan I purchased?

I have played Conan Exiles for a while and not for a while now. So I come back and the first thing I notice is that the game will not log in. That is via Steam.

So what? do I buy a new game? do I have to download another game?
Even if I was a first arrived gamer - I would not know where to go, or what to do. In fact, if a new person heard of Conan and wants to try it, they will go crazy with all that info, will take two years to read all of it and it is all mixed up with different colour headings etc etc.
I think I am in Alice in Wonderland on dope!

So where do I download the latest game?
Has Conan totally separated from Steam?
Has Conan gone crazy on PvP and PvE are kind of second class players in the game now?
(I tell you a secret - the gamers that play for a year or more are PvE - the PvP ers come and go!)
I guess to find an answer to this I will go nuts leafing through pages of all kinds of stuff and maybe finding the answer in a month or so.
Too little info is good, too much info is terrible - my head is already swimming - going to relax in Wow Or FFxiv.

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Whoa dude… try some sleep and back off the caffeine. :slight_smile:

We’re all here and fine, Conan is fine, Steam is fine… try rebooting and updating your steam client??

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Maybe you need to get off what you are on. Great that Steam and you are fine so stuff the rest of the world. My reply to you is FY I guess you are one of the producers because you seem as confused in what has happened as they are

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