Help for a newb?

I just started playing yesterday and I love the concept but am clueless in-game. Is there a place for a newb to get basic, essential gameplay information?

For instance, my PVP server says “character does NOT stay in world when logged out.” Okay, so I log out (I actually just “Quit Game” since I see no option to log out and don’t know if there is any in-game mechanic for doing so), then I log back in a little later and I’m buck naked with zero inventory (other than recipes). I don’t know if the server description is wrong, if quitting the game doesn’t log me out, or even whether I was killed and looted when logged out or if this is a bug.

I love Conan, the world and the lore. I love it so much that my best man used the “What is Best in Life” dialogue from the original movie in his toast at my frigging wedding! I’m also a veteran of at least half-a-dozen MMORPGs going back to Ultima Online, so I can do this. I know what is best in life: Playing Conan (and hearing the lamentation of the women), so please help me play!

P.S. The PS4 tag isn’t meant to be in this post, but I don’t even know how to remove it!!!

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I know there are lots of guides on Steam and other places, but I feel the best way to learn is to just jump in and do it. Start on Single Player until you get a feel for it or join a private PvE server so others can help you.

I’ll be happy to answer any specific questions though. You can ask in this thread or message me on here or on Steam.

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