New Ps4 player, things to know?

Hi, i am just downloading the game for free by ps plus offer, so here are some questions:

1 I am a gipsy so i think that the most same to my race is Zingarians,is not it?

2 What servers do you recommend me? I am an EU player.

3 It is much difficult to get full armor? If so, how much time i need to spend for that?

4 Funcom is planning to do more updates for exiles? Cus Age of Conan on PC was a disaster and i hear that it is developing a new estrategy Conan game.

5 How to get food and eat?

6 How to sleep in a bed?

7 What weapons do you recommend? I prefer bows and i select Set religion for that.

8 And finally,how to continue where i leaved? And why every time i die i lose all my equipped objects? There is no option for not item dropping? Also i want to know what is the refuge message in some places, what i can do with that?

Much questions but i start to like the game, it is my first survival game.

  1. Not to sure off the top of my head, but go with what fits
  2. I would suggest EU servers, to help with ping.
  3. This is easy, be sure you use the skinning knife when you are able to. Most Exile NPCs will drop stone skinning knives and stone cleavers now.
  4. There is a new update coming out with new features to include a new god/religion, dungeons and more.
  5. At start grab eggs from nests and kill exiles for human meat.
  6. That is found under emotes/rest.
  7. If you’re going bows buff you accuracy. I usually go for the harder hitting 2 handed weapons.

Don’t have an answer for 8.

Once you built a base make a bed and place it once placed interact with it so that will be your spawn point when you die …if you die you have 15mins to get to your dead body and retrieve your items after the 15min mark your body will disappear with all items so make sure you get to your body fast … if you look at the map after you’ve died you’ll see a gravestone it’s a marker to show your where your dead body is located

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