Help first time with no friends

Hey if anyone has any tips on playing or wants to become friends on Conan so we can play together please don’t hesitate I’m a friendly 25 year old woman :grin: thanks again



Welcome to the game and forums!

I’m sure that you hear will back from some of clans and private sever players soon.

The wiki has great information, but, it can spoil the game I recently started using only for specific things.


Are you in single player, PvE, or PvP?
Those will significantly change my starting advice.
In PvE, find a nice location near a good iron deposit. You’ll need it. Complete the journey steps whenever possible. Don’t build your starter bases too big, the purge will come for you. Loot and store all non-perishables whenever possible, you’ll need them later. Higher grade harvesting tools yield more resources per swing. The Sandstorm will kill you if it can. It occurs near the river, the desert, and most of the South-western corner of the map. If you don’t have a mask, always be ready to take or make shelter. The Sandstorm does not harm your foes, only you.
Thralls take a long time to break. Scout the spawn points and collect named ones when possible. Multiple small wheels do the job of the larger wheels arguably more effectively. Seeds + Plant fibre in the campfire makes gruel. You’ll be using that a lot.

PvP… Hide. Seem uninteresting. Be ready to die, frequently. It can be part of a cheap teleport strategy (you can respawn at a bed or bedroll). Some PvP clans may offer you a chance to be a harvest or crafting thrall for them. If that’s the lifestyle you want, by all means take the yoke, better than being griefed.

If you join a clan, then later leave it, you may lose many of the things you had before, as they transfer to clan property when you join.

Always be ready for the rules to change with the next patch.

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@RogueMagpie ,Welcome to the forum , woman or not you are a gamer , so sex doesn’t matter .
Now , your region is very important for starters . It is important since the purge hours or raid hours or even the other gamers region has to match a bit with yours , so it would be good to tell us your region , for example US , EU , Asian , Oceania , etc
Second , it would be very helpful to name the type of game you are want to play , for example , pve , pvec , PvP
Last but not least , you need the original experience of the game , or a bit easier , for this you will have to choose between official servers (original) and private (easier) .

Please take no offense , I am just trying to help here , once again welcome to the forum exile :wink:


Hey if you are still looking, I will play with you. Send me a ps message, name is the same

Speak spanish?