Question about raiding

Me and my friend plan to start our adventure in Conan Exiles and buy the game.
We used to play Miscreated and Rust.

I read that in this game there are 3 tiers of building and you need to lvl up to improve your base.

How is the game for new players - are they raided easily and constantly by experienced players.

I ask because we don’t have that much time to play as we have work and families but on the other hand we preffer that PVP thrill than PVE.

In Rust you got raided very fast and pretty much have no chance against no-life players.

is it hard to raid in this game? Is it possible to secure base or it just melts like butter with explosives?

thx in advance for answers.

I haven’t played on a normal official server, but from what I’ve seen, raiding is a bit expensive to do. The reward has to outweigh the risk to make a raid worth doing.

To make explosives you need demonblood and steelfire. For advanced tier players as well as experienced ones, this isn’t entirely hard to get. Explosives are enough to knock down a wall/door of the first tier.

However noob bases are likely to only have stone and a little bit of iron and wood available to raid. Hardly worth the costs needed to break into them.

A base that is built up, looking as if it has more crafting stations to process bulk materials is a bit more lucrative, but agian, in the noob area its likely to content a ton of iron bars at the most.

Tier 2 structures take about 4 explosives to get through per wall and are actually within the capability of a low tier player to construct. It just takes time. One could, with care and planning, make tier 2 structures incognito before ramping up productions. And thus be better protected.

Understand that at some point in time, you will be targeted for raiding. Its just a matter of when you seem to worth doing so. For different clans that will be at different stages of the game. Also understand that some clans may decide to preemptively strike. Driving you back protects them in the long run.

Its not always about wrecking a newbie’s day. Newbies in time aren’t newbies and can pose threats. Depends on the goals of those who are playing. Survival isn’t for the faint of heart. Expect to lose anything and everything at anytime.

But to thoroughly answer your last question. Is it hard? No. But raiding takes alot of prep work. Even a tier one base could prove to be a pain to raid. When i said it takes one explosive to tear down a wall. Its one wall. If you make an enclosed structure with multiple walls, it will take multiple explosives.

How you build a base could mean the difference between one explosive being needed, to 2, to 4 or even 8 or more. If you’re new, I doubt people will carry 80 weight of explosives to get a stack of 65 iron bars.

There’s so many things that can be done and counters to counters and a dozen methodologies to base building. Its just too much to much to list in one post. You’ll have to find what works for you.


Thx for the answer.

One last question - does this game has decay of base?

Is it true you can raid base with weapons and no explosives?

All weapons now do damage to all tier level building structures. Obviously, it will take a long time to break into the building/structure.

I played on several Official Servers. You will be raided from the beginning. I stopped building bases and used a nomadic game play style. I would use crafting stations owned by others and move on to another area.

It is very frustrating to build a base when you are only level 5 to 10, build crafting stations, and store items only to log back on in the morning and have every crafting station and wooden box destroyed after the other player knocked down your door/wall/ceiling to enter your base.

The game does have a decay system.

Thats what I thought. I don’t mind getting raided as it is PVP but in the game with actually no wipe you get griefed by high lvl players.

Is it possible to hide items in ground or something like in Rust?

I was getting very good at hiding boxes and chests, but there is a system glitch right now where they tend to disappear (not destroyed or decayed) after Official Server restarts each morning at 5:00 am EST. That too made me play (at least for now) in a more nomadic (only own & carry what you need) style.

Make sure to drop a bedroll near when you are about to attack something if you think there is a good chance you will die. This way you can respawn near your corpse and retrieve your items before someone else finds the corpse.

I also agree. I do not mind the occasional raid, but at least leave the crafting stations. They are the biggest pain in the hind-part to build.

It all probably depends on server and people. In other games I played it was pretty much the same:) How many hits destroys tier one wall?

What you like the most about this game?

I have not tried since the 33 update. I currently play on the xbox and have not destroyed anyone’s items since the update.

Even when we did loot other people’s camps we would leave “consolation” prizes.
I took your bricks, I give you stones.
I took your shaped wood, I give you wood.
I took your twine, I give you plant fiber.

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haha i guess it is very rare to do those consolation prizes - most players will just grief.

So this game is basically like rust - you enter the server - start out - start to build base and gather resources and get raided on the other day by people that play 8 hours a day:)

Game isn’t that cheap compared to Miscreated and Rust, so I would probably stay with those games. I wanted a quite different experience - I thought raiding in Conan was more like an end game.

But thx for all help.

Basically: Don’t play on the official servers if you’re not intending to grief and be griefed. If you want an actual immersive experience, play on a community server.

It’s basically the same rule of thumb for every survival game on the market that has official as well as community servers.

Do community servers have wipe?

That is entirely up to the people who are running the servers. Some will, others will not. I know a good portion are planning to in order to attract new players on launch day in order to give everyone a fresh start.

Incidentally, if you are thinking of getting the game, getting the Early Access version will save you some money, and also let you play around with it for a week or so and get used to the gameplay so on launch day you can start on your adventure.

Our server does not wipe because the guys put a ton of time into building their settlements and roads.

you can literally be level 60 in 3 days.

Are you playing with an XP multiplier above x1? There is no way to get to level 60 in 3 days in the purist mode.

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Ah but that is where you are wrong. 3 days is pretty average for veteran players on purist servers. Anything above that, other than a fraction below 2.0, usually takes 1 or 2.

As it stands, within 30 seconds of spawning in you’re level 3, and before you even leave broken highway and enter the main play area you’re usually level 7-8. Between 2-5 minutes later you’re level 10 and on your way north to adventure. Little genocide later and you’re in your 30s.

Raiding can be endgame. For instance, siege warfare is usually done by max level clans who have farmed for weeks

Yep, this type of game pretty much decide the victor by who always plays the game longest. It’s not like Starcraft, League of Legends, or CSGO, which doesn’t require to play very long after you reached certain level. (unless you are at pro level)

You gotta constantly make something and kill somebody in Conan Exiles.

And you are totally right about no-life players (or streamer) pretty much can dominate easier than anyone else.

Advantage in survival games will always go to those that play the most. However, shop around for a server that fits your play-style. There are, and will be plenty of servers that have limited raiding - Such as raiding only on the weekends or between the hours of ect ect.

Also, for the first month-ish it will be all about alpha groups. Once these groups have had their fill, it will be easier to achieve the environment more suitable for beginner play.Lastly, consider looking for a small to mid size group to join - This will make the transition from casual to competitive platy a bit easier. Happy hunting!

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