[Video] Raiding with Explosive Jars + Orbs, Building the PvP Arena, PvP - Let's Play Conan Exiles PvP #24


Hell yeah, I finally got into raiding a little bit. I had my mates q9c9p (aka Face) and KingOfPredators and some other mates in chat teach me how to raid bases with Explosive Jars and Grease Orbs.


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Quick question - what do the colors mean behind weapons and gear i.e. the purple weapons you had ?

That indicates, that any upgrade has been applied to the weapon, tool or armor. Talking about he specific upgrades that you can make in the blacksmith bench and armorers bench. For weapons you would usually use the increased damage or higher armor penetration upgrade, for armors you have a wider field of options, on heavy armor like silent legion i’d recommend using the amor (weight) reduction kit. On tools you usually use the improvement kit, that makes you harvest a higher amount.

All of these upgrades have in common, that they make the item better but reduce the items durability (only the durability upgrade ofc increases the durability).

So for these upgrades, I need the specific kits?

Yeah, you unlock them in your feats and craft them in the blacksmith bench. Always go for the highest quality upgrade, usually named “master xyz” and using hardened steel bar. On lower levels those aren’t very necessary, but it’s always good to use your materials rather then just collecting, since crafting gives XP aswell.

Not able to view your video right now, but I will plan to review it later.

My primary question is this - how has raiding changed since launch? I know that it used to be easiest to stack grease orbs (usually 10), and then ignite with a demon-fire orb, or a jar. And then just keep it burning by tossing another grease orb every 25 seconds or so.

What is the best / fastest / resource efficient way to raid now that the game has launched? I would prefer to not just spam bombs like crazy - that is a lot of farming for a solo player like myself. I would love to see a breakdown of several different methods, and the damage yield for each method. It just seems that every method, every order, etc. (grease first, spam grease throughout burn, etc.) yields different results.

Anyone that has any coaching to add here would be greatly appreciated.

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From all I know, sadly stacking grease orbs and then setting them on fire with an explosive jar still yields the best results. Gods (if even enabled) have been nerfed or bugged, their damage isn’t as great as it used to be. Simply using explosive jars only is too expensive and weapons don’t deal any damage anymore.

So…grease orbs it is. I’m not a pvp expert though, but I’d be really surprised if anyone comes to a different conclusion.

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