Conan Exiles PVP Montage


Made by Wonderkid.

I am posting these videos here in the hope Funcom sees them and takes action.

I also want to “open” the eyes for certain PvE players to understand what actually happens at higher level of play.

I already got used to this playstyle, though I don’t like it. Bombs make PvP fights so… simple.

Funcom should really add a chance to let the bomb carrier explode on hit. Would make things more interesting, but it also adds another RNG factor to the game.

It would change raids actually.

Everyone would just build pyramid type structures. If on the ground.

When you place them on a slope/ramp/roof, do two, so that the one you light gets caught by the lower one on the slope. Alternatively, just use three and the lower two will stop the top one from rolling.

Explosive jars that get hit in melee should break and their demonic guts should ooze out for anyone to collect. Still able to ignite with “interact,” still able to ignite with incendiary arrows. Anything but this combat.

If the change would be to always have the light up animation when activated then placing them like that wouldn’t work. Cause the middle one’s explosion would set the others off and they would have the same animation.

Only solution would be to take away the roll, if you are always gonna have the timer.

Maybe I’m needlessly specific here: I’m only going for a “closer to realism” approach which might cut through the clutter. @zerog and I already talked about this last night on the server, so although he’s charitable above I don’t know that he agrees with my approach. And that’s what this is all about.

That said, if a bomb blows up now, it blows up the others in its radius. I want that to remain. That seems logical and realistic. :smiley:

He ignites them with arrows and fire in the video. He shoots an explosive arrow to the ground and then places a jar into the fire.

Could just change the amount of external damage needed to explode the jar instantly. So that a fire on the ground would have to tick a few times to explode it.

That would affect raids as well though. But not as much. And the coding is much simpler (I’m guessing).

Also reduce the range you can place jars. The range is just insane.


Yea, there’s really no need for these jars to be placeable from the moon, other than bomb pvp. Luckily, nobody is low enough to use bomb pvp on my server. Everybody opts to fight the normal way because it’s more interesting

Highest level of play.

Not everyone can bomb PvP successfully

It’s really not that hard, even on console. I hope you aren’t defending the bomb pvp meta because it’s the most boring sh*t and totally unfun.

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Got no opinion on it tbh. So don’t care either way.

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